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  1. This is a double bonus for the Colts. Autry was not that good with the Colts, he would make a few good rushing plays a game but most of the time he was completely negated on plays. Several teams even learned they could negate Autry with a TE thus freeing up oline to double on Houston or Buckner. So now the Colts will get to do that twice a year against the Titans.
  2. Hey didn't want you to think I'm ignoring you. I just dont log in very often. Stats are not everything and Watson does put up some good overall stats. But the stats I typically look at are 3rd down, especially 3 and 4 or greater. Stats when trailing with less than 2 minutes things like that. And in those categories Watson is mediocre. Of course this post may be all moot now, with the pending lawsuits Watson might be out of the league by the time 2021 rolls around.
  3. That's fine. I'm not saying my opinion is the only one that matters or the only one that is accurate. Just my opinion and it disagrees with yours. It's all good.
  4. I'm just not a fan of Watson... I don't think he's a bad QB but I think it's too easy for good defenses to stop him because I don't think he has ever progressed to the point to where he can do multiple reads when need be. He can look at his first option and sometimes the 2nd, if the 2nd option is on the same side of the field as the first option. But then that is it. While he is very athletic, I don't think he's makes good decisions on when to run and when to buy more time. Now all that being said, I do think this past year he made some improvements in some of those a
  5. Luck was a great QB and he was tough at one point in his career, but in the end he lost his desire to go all in and he quit on the team. All the rest is window dressing. I feel no ill will towards him, each man has to make the decisions that are best for he and his family. But it wasn't, to sum up the excellent post by @NewColtsFan, some sort of noble effort on Luck's part. And it's because he lost that desire to go all in for the game, that is why I would not want him back as the Colts QB. Because I think once that desire is gone it cannot be acquired again.
  6. Why? Watson is younger but he's not as good a QB as Stafford.
  7. From what I have read from Ballard it sounds like Eason has been doing everything they have asked of him in the QB room and practice. I'm not a huge fan of Eason I don't think he has the head for the NFL but as someone pointed out in another forum, he really only has 2 years of college experience, so when you look at his college film in that light, he seems to have some things to work with. If he'd just stop his spinning to his left to try to out run the D he's be a lot better.
  8. Well Jacob Eason, here is your chance. Hopefully you shine as a starter for the Colts.
  9. If Chappy is not able to make a case for PM, then I don't know what to say.
  10. Makes sense. What he did all season left a lot of questions.
  11. I have to admit, I don't know much about the Eagles. Do you know who called the plays in Philly?
  12. I know he's talked about taking a year off, but what are the chance that Coach Reich my look at bringing in his former HC, Pederson as an OC?
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