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  1. Being that Phil has admitted to reading and/or watching people discuss him once before, maybe he decided to lurk around on these boards to see if the fans even wanted him back for another year - read that they wanted to move on from him, thus (contributing) to his rather quick decision to hang it up.
  2. Well, they do have Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Jalen Guyton at WR, and a young TE - Donald Parham (6'8" 237) who they'd use in place of Henry.
  3. Forcing Rivers out before negotiating a Trade with Detroit would not be a smart move, as it now lets the other team know that your good fallback option is gone, thus allowing Detroit to ask for even more via a trade.
  4. Rodgers seems like a smart guy, thus he'll never, ever come to the AFC if he wants to get back to the SB, and that's one of the reasons as to why Brady left the AFC at this point in time. The AFC is a monster!
  5. I think Brady wanted to go to the NFC to avoid all the good AFC teams with good to elite QBs.
  6. So it was just officially ruled a concussion, so if the Chiefs hang on, would Mahomes be ruled out for next weekend, or is it case by case? And if it's case by case, all eyes on the Doctor.
  7. While it looks to be head related, replay showed no helmet to helmet, and his helmet really never hit the ground. This would be extremely important, regarding concussion protocol for next week's game.
  8. As for all the would've/could've/should've and what-ifs, that resulted into plenty of missed opportunities, I wanted to comment about 2 lesser talked about frustrating things. 1. Jumping off sides towards the end of the first half. Everyone knew Allen was trying to get someone to jump off sides, and it worked, thus allowing the Bills to get 7 rather than 3. I mean, if there's no offsides, that alone could have had an outcome of 24-23 Colts win. 2. Reich's unnecessary 2nd half timeout. If no timeout taken, there'd be at least one timeout remaining, thus forcing the Bills to be more mi
  9. I'm a bit late, but thought I'd finally chime in this season... lol. I would say yes to bringing Phil back for 1 more year, but at no more than 15 mil. While a good human being, let Jacoby walk, thus making Eason #2. Go get a bit more OL depth, along with 1-2 big WR targets via free agency or draft. Maybe promote Mo to the #1 TE spot, as Phil seemed to have a fairly good connection with him when Burton and Doyle were hurt at the beginning of the season. As for TY, Parris and Marlon, we shall see.
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