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  1. You really want to compare the number of young QBs who started early and busted compared to those who succeeded? I’ll take those odds all day long. Also there usually is a pretty huge difference in #1 overall pick versus a 4th rounder bud.
  2. Gotcha, I think Rivers coming back is the smartest and safest move. Ideally Eason could be the #2 and get preseason/junk time snaps. This team needs a WR threat, it did not come close to having one last season. I think Pittman was solid, but he wasn’t a game changer by any stretch of the imagination. If Eason comes along getting #2 snaps then he should be given the chance to start the following year.
  3. You don’t take a playoff team that went 11-5 and barely lost to the #2 seed and try out a third string QB to see what he has. That will * off almost veteran player on the team as you are wasting a year of their career when the team is pretty strong. we aren’t the Jaguars.....
  4. Hand a playoff team to a third string QB who had to transfer after being beat by Jake Fromm? Who nobody has seen in the NFL and couldn’t pass Jacoby on the depth chart? Or a late first rounder who might be more of a statue than Rivers? Bring Rivers back, get a playmaking WR in a deep free agent class. Try and get another solid corner while resigning Rhodes. Draft or bring in a guard, move Nelson to LT and this team is in better shape than it was this year.
  5. Sign Rivers on a 1yr team friendly deal, at this point he is playing for a Super Bowl and not chasing the money. Resign Rhodes, Autry, and Pascal. Resign Houston if the price is reasonable. Try and find via free agency or trade a WR. Draft a CB round 1 or DE/LB based on best available. Round 2 look at CB/DE/LB/SS. Round 3 get a guard or tackle and convert to guard. Round 4+ best available
  6. Thinking Nelson moves to LT, bring in a guard via free agency or burn a 2nd/3rd rounder on a guard. It would be suicide to just toss Eason in coming from the third string. Bring back Rivers for a year, get him another WR preferably a big body. Eason slides to backup and is positioned to take over in 2022. Trying to rush a Young QB usually ends in disaster at some point and can ruin that QB.
  7. Red zone play calling was pretty predictable minus the toss play that lost 3 yards. The throw on 4th down to Pittman was about as good as it could have been. Rivers had pressure coming which forced him to fade back while the route developed. He had to then drop it over 2 bills while fading back. Diggs comes up with that catch
  8. WR was a huge weakness for this team all season. Pittman started showing flashes, but he doesn’t look like a true #1 WR. I think he’ll develop into a top tier #2 which isn’t bad at all. Campbell looks like an unfortunate injury bust. Pascal is a pretty solid 3 or 4, the TE bunch was serviceable but unspectacular. TY should be brought back on a very team friendly deal or let go if he wants more. It wasn’t a lack of chemistry or Rivers not being able to hit TY in stride like some people are commenting. TY was not getting open consistently and also had quite a few drops for a #1 WR. He
  9. You are right, it’s top 2 need. TY doesn’t look like the number 1 he has always been. His play this season is about on par with a solid #2. Pittman played well in spurts but didn’t show enough to be considered a #1. WR usually takes 2-3 years though so he might be able to jump up next year. Every team above the colts minus the ravens have a clear #1 WR and for most another top WR or TE.
  10. Yes to both if the colts upgrade their skill position players
  11. Top 10 QB didn’t impact the team making playoffs? You could put 25 other starting QBs on this team and the colts DO NOT make the playoffs. Please go look at every other top 10 QB and look at their WR/TEs. The colts have one of the weakest WR/TE groups in the NFL.
  12. Watson would have nobody to throw to. Biggest need is at WR/CB, if the colts had a top receiver this season they would be a 3/4 seed for sure. If they had a top receiver today’s game would have been a W 100%
  13. Rivers goes top 10 in yards and completion percentage with probably one of the weakest WR groups in the league and you all want him gone? Yikes Pittman will develop into a solid #2, but sadly TY went downhill fast this season. The other receivers are really subpar. the game today there were 5-6 drops that hit receivers on the hands. Yet somehow it’s his fault they didn’t catch it.
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