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  1. Not care much? You don’t know ballards plan. Obviously drafting two DL in the first two rounds he thought it would’ve been easier to find a replacement OT on a 1-2 year deal that’s viable than a DL. A solid DL player is dry out there and we just bolstered a DL in the draft. I’m happy with this. As long as Sam Tevi does not start the start in September than I’m backing Ballard, which it’s pretty obvious, Tevi won’t be starting in September.
  2. Exactly there’s no reason to run Carson slow. Get him out there and let’s see what he can do behind this O-line minus a LT currently lol
  3. Huh? Well discussion could be made if it was just Taylor and Hines or Taylor and Mack but now the colts have Taylor, Mack, and Hines. Easily the best backfield in football.
  4. If this is true, God Bless T.Y. Glad he didn’t make the mistake that many many athletes make in their golden years after a long career with one team. They have the choice of playing and retiring with the team they started out with and becoming a legend in Indianapolis forever or they can chase the money, play a year or two for some team and thats it. I’m sure TY would still be a colts legend but retiring a colt makes it that much more sweeter and shows just how much he loves playing here.
  5. Yes, we can definitely agree on that part. His agent should’ve called him up and had him delete it that tweet 10 seconds after he saw it. Just dumb.
  6. So, now that we have a ridiculously stacked backfield how does frank Reich use his 3 headed monster? I still think Taylor is the future and is going to be a stud and I would like to find a way to see him get the ball 20-25 times but I understand with Mack coming back that’s not a realistic possibility. Only way this becomes a possibility is if they turn naheim Hines into a slot type of receiver and also have him running the ball sometimes. That being said, this is a good problem to have. Mack is a beast and as long as he stays healthy teams will have to prepare for our back field more than anything. What is everyone’s thoughts on how frank Reich deals with this dilemma? Taylor getting 20 touches a game is a must in my eyes regardless of how good Mack and Hines are, Taylor is in a different league. I think he could end up being in that Derrick Henry type of league.
  7. Yes, true. But owosu-koramaoh reminds me a lot like Darius Leonard. Small in stature compared to other line backs but hits hard, great tackling form, and is FAST. He’s not as lengthy as Darius which concerns me but I think he would be a massive upgrade over okereke. Okereke showed flashes his rookie year but he had a significant drop off last year. Realistically, colts will probably be drafting Christian darrisaw, Jaycee horn, or Gregory Rousseau. Would love to see if kwity paye is still available and Rousseau is who they take. I trust Ballard so I know he’s going to make the right choice in who he drafts. Hasn’t given me a real reason to think he won’t.
  8. I mean, he’s not a scrub obviously. I just don’t see it. You know sometimes players jump off the screen and he doesn’t do that for me. But this class in general, as stacked as it is, doesn’t have a lot of very good edge rushing prospects. Kwity page impresses me the most. Wouldn’t mind him. The players that jump out to me in this draft the colts could possibly attain are owosu-kormoah, darrisaw, paye, or horn. Would be very very happy with any one of those players. I trust Ballard though 100%. He has a very keen eye for noticing talent.
  9. As long as the colts don’t draft rousseau, I’ll be happy. I think Rousseau is the most overrated player in the first round and a lot of mock drafts have him going to the colts. I would like the colts to get darrisaw or jermiah korimoah
  10. If you’re going to defend him then I’m going to reply saying he should’ve been more clear about his tweet. If that’s how he truly felt, he shouldn’t have just wrote “disappointed and disrespected”. He’s the highest paid special teams player that doesn’t kick the football. I don’t see what he has to be so upset about
  11. George odum, making 2.13 million dollars, is now the highest paid special teams player that doesn’t kick the ball in anyway. I don’t know what he’s complaining about. He said he feels “disrespected”. I find that to be hilarious.
  12. George odum was on Twitter writing “disappointed and disrespected” after being a “low” tender that will have him making 2.13 million next year. Note, he will now be the highest paid special team player in the league that does not kick the football in any way. I find his statement to be a little puzzling. Only a certain amount of money can be spent for ST’s, offense, and defense. Spending 4-5 million one special team player who doesn’t kick the ball is a good way to insure you won’t be able to sing big time players in the future. Kind of perplexes me marlon Mack is willing to come back on a 2 million dollar contract for one year to prove himself and is obviously, a team friendly contract. I’m sure Mack could’ve gotten 4-5 million for one year even with his injury history. You got players like Mack and then you got players like odum. Don’t get me wrong. I like odum. I just don’t think his statement on Twitter was warranted. Any thoughts on this issue?
  13. What I love about Mack is he’s a team player. I’m sure, even with his injury history, a team would’ve been willing to take a chance on him for more than 2 million. On the other hand, we got George odum, who is upset about being paid the highest paid special team player in the nfl that doesn’t kick the football. He’s making 2.1 million dollars to be on the field, 6-10 times a game. Wish there were more players like Mack who are team oriented and want to prove themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I like odum. Great special teamer. But him being upset about being paid 2.1 million dollars and is the highest paid ST player than doesn’t kick the ball is ridiculous.
  14. This says a lot about marlon Mack. He’s coming back on a one year contract for 2 million dollars and he’s playing one of the more important positions on the field. Meanwhile, we got George odum, crying after being paid as the highest special team player who doesn’t kick a football at 2.1 million. I really think marlon Mack, even recovering from a devastating injury, could’ve found a team to pay him 4-5 million for one year but he stayed with the colts. Marlon Mack is one of my favorites. I hope he balls out this year and earns himself that big contract. It’ll be bittersweet because I know he won’t be a colt anymore but he’ll get what he very much deserves and I’m all for that. We need more teammates and players in the nfl like Mack who isn’t all about himself and is more about the benefit of the team and earning his worth.
  15. Why is this even a discussion? All the work Ballard has done building one of the most solid teams in the league is starting show. Grigson was gifted Andrew luck and that’s the only reason the colts did as well as they did all those years. His best moves were TY and Kelly but other than that, he did more damage than good for this team. In one draft Ballard managed to pick 2 first team all pros (Nelson and Leonard), sign a first team all pro as a UFA (odum) draft smith, Hines, and turay. All in one draft. Grigson wishes he could draft one first team all pro player in 10 drafts. If grigson lost luck and was asked to essentially build a team all while maintaining success after losing one of the best quarterbacks in the league, we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are. In fact, I’m sure the colts would be on the decline for the next 5-10 years. Ballard has been a god send for this team. If Carson wentz can return to his 2019 form I’m sure this is the year. 1 decent draft and a Carson went revival and the colts are going to be right there competing for a SB title.
  16. 10 million is out of the question imo. I thought that’s what he would get if he tested the market. I’m sure some team would be willing to pay a back of his caliber that type of money. That’s being said, if mack wants to stay on the colts he’d have to take a pay cut. It’d be 1 year 4-5 million. Sadly, for mack, this isn’t 2018. He doesn’t have leverage since the colts now have confidence they have the next big thing in Taylor. I think even offering mack 1 year 5 million would be out of courtesy for what he’s done for the team. He’s a fan favorite but I’m sure Ballard would prefer to spend that money somewhere else. I’m a colts fan and I’m really hoping mack makes him money with some team outside the division. He deserves a contract, he’s a very good back, I just say let him test the market and go from there. That being said, if mack comes back, that will be easily the best backfield in the league with Taylor, mack, and Hines. I only fear that Taylor won’t get his 20-25 touches a game that he needs to get. Nothing against mack or Hines but Taylor is a different breed. It takes 2 people to tackle him and now that he’s figured it out, I’m sure he’ll be a 2k rusher at some point in his career. He was third in rushing in the whole nfl last year and he didn’t even start to figure things out until week 10-11. Taylor is going to be a top back in the league. As long as he gets his 25 touches a game I’m all for mack coming back on a cheaper contract.
  17. Right on. Thanks for the heads up. Im a colts fan who lives in Berkeley, CA so unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of listening to the local Indiana sports radio hosts. If he’s this popular though it sounds like someone I should follow. Colts fans around here seem to know him pretty well.
  18. Lol I’m a colts fan who lives in Berkeley CA. I don’t have the luxury of being able to listen to local sports radio personalities. I wish I did though. I’m an orioles fan (Baltimore) colts fan (used to be in Baltimore until the moved) and a kings fan (Sacramento, grew up during that 2000-2005 kings golden era of basketball and fell in love. I try my hardest to follow as many of those sports podcasts as I can but nothing beats local sports broadcasters early in the morning on your way to work talking about your favorite team. I’m going to assume that’s who JMV is.
  19. The thing most people don’t understand is that I doubt Chris Ballard would’ve gone after wentz if frank Reich wasn’t in his ear about it. I think Frank is gambling on his future with the colts when it comes to Carson wentz and he knows that. I doubt he would’ve pushed hard to go after him if he wasn’t very very sure he could fix his issues and turn him back into 2019 form with this football team. If wentz turns out to be a total let down I’m very sure Frank is fully aware he just put his job on the line and he bet it all on wentz. My thing is, Wentz is mobile. He’s got a ridiculously accurate arm and he has arm strength. Behind this O line I really don’t see how he won’t flourish. The first thing this coaching staff is going to get on him about is holding the ball to long, taking unnecessary hits, and not protecting the ball. You work out those kinks and everything else will fall right in line.
  20. So Ballard now has the 2018 and 2020 draft classes being ranked number 1 under his belt in his first 4 years. All I can say is, for all the bad grigson did in his seemingly forever tenure with the colts, Chris Ballard has made up for it and then some in just 4 years. If he keeps this up and continues to draft like this he’ll go down as one of the best GM’s ever and the colts have him for a long long time. That 2018 class is already looking like the best draft class in colts history. I mean 3 first team all pro players in one draft? Most GM’s would be happy to have drafted 1 first team all pro player once every few years but to draft 3 in one draft is pretty remarkable. Got to give credit to the scouts and director of operations too.
  21. I don’t want wentz and I’m sure there are a number of colts fans in agreement here. Some are trying to justify his last here with by saying he had 2 really great years but for the past 2018, 2019, & 2020 he’s been garbage. Whether or not injuries played a factor those 3 years he’s been terrible. I much would’ve rather had goff than wentz. Atleast Goff shows a modicum of hope. Wentz looks like someone who’s just done. Teams have figured him out. He thinks he’s a combo of Michael Vick (speed), Peyton Manning (accuracy), and mahomes (arm strength). In reality he’s none of those things but I can tell you one thing he does well. He gives teams extra possessions like it’s his job. Some of you think rivers was a TO machine. HA. wait until you see what wentz can do. At this point if the colts don’t draft a QB, I’m really begging Phillip rivers to come out of retirement for one more year. I trust in Ballard. I know he feels the Rams gave up way more than expected for Stafford as well or we probably would’ve gotten him. If he feels wentz is the way to go I’m going to be his biggest critic ever considering the colts are a good qb away from a SB run. I’m really hoping though Ballard is working something out. Colts have the 21st pick still. I’d be shocked if Mac Jones or Kyle trask were taken higher than that. Hopefully one of them is still there.
  22. Can I ask who is JMV? If you’re going to use abbreviations make sure everyone would get it. I mean on this board the only abbreviations I think are appropriate are PM. Everyone knows PM. Not everyone knows who JMV is. I’m sitting here thinking of a bunch of colts players and JMV doesn’t come to mind.
  23. Colts are a very good team. I think we’re an edge rusher, 1 solid corner, and a qb away from a SB run.
  24. What is with everyone okay with giving up the 21st pick for wentz? Wentz has been garbage for 3 years now and he’s shown that there’s no way he’s worth the value of a first round pick. Stafford on the other hand is a different story. I’d be perfectly fine with the colts trading the 21st pick for Stafford but I would t be too happy if they did the same with wentz. Wentz stock is so down right now he’s probably worth a 3rd or 4th to teams that are rebuilding. Colts want to win. We have a SB caliber team. I have zero faith wentz would be an upgrade over rivers. I have 100% faith in Stafford being a major upgrade over rivers though. That’s the difference.
  25. Lol franchise quarterback. Those are extremely hard to come by if you haven’t noticed but I think the colts should seriously consider a quarterback like Matthew Stafford. No offense to Phillip rivers but you knew he had a ceiling coming into the colts. He wasn’t going to run or extend plays. He wasn’t going to throw 3-4 touchdowns a game but he was going to make the right decision most of the time and he was going to get the ball out fast. With Stafford, he won’t really have a ceiling on the colts. He could rejuvenate his career on this team. Great offensive line means he’ll have more time to throw it. He’s already accurate with pressure in his face imagine him without that much pressure. He’s nearing the end of his prime but he’s still in it at 32. He’s got great football instincts and I think he could be that franchise quarterback we need. People forget he was a first overall pick in 2009. He’s still an absolute stud and I think he could easily have multiple games where he throws 3-4 tds or more. As much as I like Watson we’d have to offer the whole farm for him and I don’t think Ballard would ever entertain that. For Stafford I think it’s worth giving up a 2 seconds and a 4th for him. Lions might also entertain our first round pick for him but we shall see. Either way I think that’s the one we go for. I think he’d be a fantastic fit for the colts and with Stafford I think the colts automatically become SB contenders.
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