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  1. Colts had a great gameplan and the Bills D was very focused on stopping the run whoch allowed Rivers to complete a bunch of short passes to keep the chains moving. However for 3 quarters the Colts didn't run the ball well at all. Bills held them to under 3 YPC. The Colts only started running the ball well when the Bills started playing pass with them down 14 in the 4th quarter and they popped off 3 big runs which really skewed the numbers to make it look like they ran the ball well when that wasn't the case for most of the day. The hype about the Bills is pretty much b
  2. Well....that isn't exactly true. Allen struggled in the first half of the year versus zones...he had 1 TD and 4 INTs with a QB rating of about 68 Last half of the year was a different story as Allen had 4 TDs versus 1 INT and almost a 108 rating. Playing man is not a smart option as Allen had 25 TDs versus 2 INTs on the year versus man and a league best QB rating. The Colts did really well overall at making Allen work hard for every yard other than when they caught then a few times with some throws to Diggs. Gave him a lot of short stuff underneath. Last yea
  3. Wow...what a game. Have to say I was not expecting that from the Colts. Very impressive team. They definitely earned my respect today. The game was on a razor's edge all day it seemed and the Bills were not able to pull away like they have been for most of the 2nd half of the season. I'm not sure how you felt about Reich's aggressiveness in certain situations but to me it didn't make sense the way he was trying to play. His gameplan was working and the Colts were shortening the game by running just well enough for most of the first 3 quarters and then completing short
  4. Beasley is in...first time Bills have their full complement of WRs in Beasley, Brown and Diggs on the field at the same time in almost 2 months. Definitely excited to see how this shakes out.
  5. Looks like Beasley and Diggs are both fully dressed today and out there at warmups....will have to see what their designations are in terms of practice today. Diggs we already knew is playing, Beasley I was 50/50 leaning towards no, but now I might be more like 60/40 leaning towards yes... Neither are in a red non-contact jersey.
  6. Diggs actually was seen wincing on the sidelines when he was warming up before last game and still played a half, so it seems like it was something he has been dealing with for at least a few weeks now and obviously not that serious. Had 7 for 76 in a half of work so he looked pretty good. There is no way he isn't active and pretty much normal for this game. If need be they probably give him an injection before the game. Beasley is probably a 50/50 shot at playing but I would lean more towards no. McKenzie played very well in the slot last game in his absence and we got Brown back as well
  7. There is a 0% chance that Diggs doesn't play Saturday. He himself said he is "fine" in an interview. McDermott is taking this injury hiding stuff to NHL playoff levels. Beasley is probably a 50/50 shot but if I had to place a bet on it I would bet he doesn't go with McKenzie taking over the slot reps since he played so well in the finale against the Dolphins. John Brown coming back last week and having no issues really helped.
  8. You do realize the Dolphins had the same record as you did and were in the playoffs while you were on the outside until we decimated their #1 scoring defense, which allowed you to get in? Look. No Bills fan is saying the Colts are not a good team. We just feel we are an elite team and typically in the playoffs when good teams meet elite teams(especially the one playing better than any team in the NFL right now), the outcome doesn't go well for the good team. That's all we are saying. The Bills would be on an 11 game win streak right now if not for the fluke "Hail Murray".
  9. Hey all, Bills fan here. Looking forward to the matchup this weekend. Most of my wife's family are Colts fans so there has been a lot of good natured trash talk going back and forth so far. I just wanted to clarify something with this. The Bills are not a "bad" running team, moreso a "disinterested" running team. When they want to run they can do it and do it effectively---Bills RB's average 4.5 YPC. Not a fantastic average, but slightly above average. Against both New England(first game) and the Chargers then ran for almost 200 yards. Against Pittsburgh they got the ball back a
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