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  1. Wouldn’t Ballard want to see how he plays today? If he throws ducks out there and you guys get crushed, why would he return? There will be better options available this offseason. Imo, going with rivers is just putting the franchise on hold.
  2. You don’t want Ingram at this point. He’s a shell of the former player imo. Decent player, but not on Judons level
  3. He’s a stud. Great signing. Greater extension. I’d love to see him lead the way for the next 20 years in Indy. Class act.
  4. Rhodes is going to matchup 1 on 1 with diggs? you best throw blanket zone coverage on Diggs. No chance Rhodes can stick with Diggs at this stage. He may know the old Diggs. This is a new breed. Use exotic zone blitz schemes and try and confuse Josh. No offense, but your corners just don’t match up very well in man vs our WRs. I’m a huge Fan of Kenny moore though. It’s looking like Beasley is going to miss this game. I’d take moore out of the slot and shadow Diggs if you want to go man vs him run run run and run more reich. That’s the only way to win
  5. Because this isn’t the same Bills team as week 5.
  6. There’s a good chance that it’ll be too late to pound the run at that point. You better run, run, run and run some more.
  7. 45-37 bills allen throws for 400 taylor runs for 200 rivers 1 int is the difference in the game.
  8. Don’t be mad when we don’t take our foot off the gas next week!! just kidding. I have a lot of respect for the colts. Reich coming back to Buffalo puts a nice touch on the game. two questions: can we stop your run? can you stop our pass?
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