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  1. The problem on this is which Melvin do you get? He seems to have lost his fire. Gets hurt all the time and looked like pillsbury dough boy this year while playing. Had very few tackles or sacks and mailed it in early. He used to be great but he got interested in other things like being a rapper. Hope he gets in shape and returns to form f we get him......but he’s not the Melvin Ingram of a few years ago.
  2. Singing off....so have at the negativity AK. I still maintain you and your compadres know very little about football or “arm strength”.
  3. You’re right. You’re not stupid or I really don’t know that. So apologies. Like it matters but he really didn’t throw from the 50. Look it up. Just watched it.....but who cares when you have a short guy like TY trying to catch it.
  4. Pretty desperate if you’re counting on that to win the game. Pascal fumbled. We were lucky to even have a chance
  5. You really think you’re an expert on QBs and you don’t know too much. It’s very hard to win 11 games in a year and he had a lot to do with that. We don’t have some stable of talent on offense and he uses what he has very well. The line has been ok this year and fortunately has cone around on pass blocking. But he’s thrown the ball very quickly and has avoided sacks. He doesn’t sit back there with all the time in the world as some would imply. He has had a hell of a year. Yeah...he’s older but he still throws well. He may want to retire regardless depending on how Saturday goes. But be
  6. Debatable. Marino got a lot of hype and was great but he had a MUCH better organization and receivers and such.Their W-L records are similar, yet their teams were very different. Philip, with the exception of 3-5 years in their heyday, was working with MUCH less.
  7. Who gets that ball? Was TY’s 50th TD too.
  8. Word. You know football and are 100% right. Enjoy the good times.....they’re hard to come by
  9. facts are facts and production is production. You must not like his throwing motion and wins. Josh Allen has been good for 1 year. Mod Edit:
  10. Favre and Marino). His win percentage, turnovers, etc. is consistent with all the greats. So knock him for his Super Bowl absence (which I would attribute to a sorry, loser organization) but don’t knock his records as they were well earned. It’s sad Colts fan can’t see the good through all the hate. I think he may make some noise if they make the playoffs. We’ll see.
  11. That’s just wrong Dude. Look at the records. All the other top 5-10 guys have played as long or longer than Rivers. Some several years longer (Brees, Brady,
  12. I hope he does well......I like the kid and thought he did ok for a while at GA.
  13. Ugh.....no doubt. I just don’t get all the hype. The guy just has never done much despite being the #1 QB recruit in HS......so I wonder why people who don’t know much are talking about such nonsense as playing him this year when PR throws a pick. I hope the kid ends up doing well but I think the Colts are going to have to draft the QB of the future. The titles on this thread are so stupid it’s ridiculous. Do you realize how hard it is to win 11 games. And we shouldn’t act like the Colts have overwhelming offense players. I think the team unit, play calling and command of th
  14. I just don’t see Eason being the answer. Why all the hype? Big arm granted and good kid apparently but not a great decision or difference maker. Ultimately, he was an average QB in a very average league (PAC 12) and got beat out by a very average QB at UGA (Jake Fromm). Hope I’m wrong and he ends up playing, but he’s a project for sure.
  15. He’s top 10 all time on 4th quarter comeback and last drive wins. He does it all the time.....you just don’t know what you’re talking about but stick with your negative narrative on a guy who has played really well all year.
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