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  1. He does like Wilson but doesn’t want to overpay. He did say he is dynamic. Looking how teams are overpaying we are out. Carolina, Bears, Denver and 49ers all are looking for a QB. They are desperate and will over pay and also they have better picks.
  2. So according to Ballard we are not trading up for Zach Wilson or others. “You can’t trade up and take the wrong guy…there’s a fine line between being aggressive and desperate. We are not going to operate in a desperate world…we will be aggressive when we need to be aggressive.”
  3. Singletary, Beasley, McKenzie and Allen that’s lot of weapons. Feels like 2018 playoff at KC. In 2018 at least we had luck. Frank Reich in 2018 was consistent with play calling now he seems all over the place and very inconsistent.
  4. B- inconsistent with 2nd half in last few weeks. The steelers loss was horrible so was the jaguars and ravens. The browns I can understand without left tackle. The only bright spot was they were down few tds against bengals and we won. Our strength of schedule is also easier this time. Considering all these things we should have won the division. I hope we at least put up a fight against bills but after seeing what bills did to one of the top defense in the league I am not so sure. Offense need to play really well against bills.
  5. Will the colts Oline double team cam Hayward ? Seems like a recipe for success after watching bills and bengals games. Billls struggles with their run game in the first half and as soon as they double teamed him, the running game improved.
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