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  1. All this talk about all of our offensive weapons but we really have a bunch of unproven talent and inconsistency. Especially at the TE position. Does anyone think Fleener or Allen or even Swoope finally shows the consistency that we need over the middle? For that matter will Hilton, Moncrief and Johnson be able to remove us from the top of the most drops list?
  2. I'm sorry if this is tied into a post I haven't seen but my weekend schedule is full and I'm curious as to if there is another way to watch the field drills for the combine without watching live or individually watching each on youtube? I put more stock in those than the 40 or bench press and I'm stuck because the nfl site doesn't show the results.
  3. Richardson will have to wait. They don't want to cut him before they know that the PA's appeal is denied. If they cut him and he wins the appeal we Are stuck paying him.
  4. Denver is a poor choice of example as they are in the "win now mode". They aren't expecting any of the players they sign to be there 3 or 4 years from now. The Colts are literally the polar opposite. And you can get mean players without getting dirty players. Suh has gotten lucky getting his suspensions dropped to fines to this point. No one is saying don't get a good DL through FA but Suh has already said he wants JJ Watt money and it's not worth the headache.
  5. Everywhere I have read has him as as the 3rd or 4th DT with Goldman and Williams consistently being projected higher. And I never said Shelton and Floyd were the same. Just that quality players drop in drafts.
  6. Think he goes before the guy from FSU? How many NTs do you think go in the 1st?
  7. No offense but you just described Sharrif. A similar story is Aaron Rodgers. And my thinking is everyone will be trying to get their hands on all the LBs and WRs In the first that the DTs COULD drop a bit. I understand it's a long shot. But it's happened before...
  8. Just curious to see what everyone thinks about Danny Shelton. Any chance he falls in the draft? Only 6'1" but he has the weight and everything I've read on him said it doesn't diminish his foot speed or athleticism.
  9. That's what happens when you stop your momentum. That's one of the 1st things they teach you as a running back. Don't stop. Keep going forward. I never understood how he could lay a linebacker out coming in on a pass rush but he would be so tentative on a gut or dive play.
  10. It wasn't just injuries and O-line that caused him to regress. It was the fact he lost the burst through the hole and on many occasions would try to do too much stutter stepping or would run straight to the side line and would never head north. Much like Richardson
  11. I agree he needs to get a forward lean going if he wants any shot at falling forward in the NFL and his speed his slightly above average at best. But I like his vision. I'll admit I didn't get to watch as much of IU as I wanted but what I did see i thought his vision was great considering he had to run through 8 or 9 men boxes.
  12. I don't understand where the Boom love has gone. Sure he is a little T.O. prone but for the most part he kept it to a minimum. He showed the burst through the hole that we were expecting TRich to bring. Someone a while back mentioned about going to a zone scheme. I believe Herron would thrive in that style. Why not save a 1st,2nd and 3rd round picks for OL, Safety or LB?
  13. Every position is that way. Not just RBs. Every position, every player, every team needs the right situation/ timing. Put RG3 and Luck on each other's teams they aren't anywhere near as good as they were. Without RG3 Morris doesn't blow up. Without Wayne Luck doesn't have as many wins. Its about taking what you have already seen instead of blind faith on a college RB against inferior competition. And without signing a FA RB we would be with Brown as our starting RB. We have seen how that has gone.
  14. Dime a dozen RBs? Tell that to the RBs I just mentioned. All of the top RBs have been taken in different rounds of the draft. There are over 300 picks every year. MOST are busts. You take the best you have and Ill take Tate over the top RBs in the draft just for the proven record. Packers, Denver, and Pittsburgh all still have question marks at the RB position. All took RBs high in this years draft.
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