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  1. The Colts receiving corps are below average, with no real #1. And y’all are worried about the QB position? Big Ben, Brady, Allen, Rodgers ... they all have vastly better receivers. The receivers are the weak weak spot on the offense, not the QB.
  2. I will go from a HUGE Colts fan to a Colts fan who will always be grateful to the team that gave Rivers another shot. I hope the Colts bring him back.
  3. I guess y’all know more about football than Leonard, TY, Q and Kelly. They all want him back.
  4. Colts need to get an A/V guy like the Chargers had: https://www.chargers.com/video/chargers-vs-steelers-are-you-ready
  5. Yeah, pretty sure Pitt will be expecting that.
  6. Better fix it soon. Been watching Rivers for years and when his LT goes down, Rivers’ play declines substantially. We saw that on Sunday.
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