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  1. Isn’t Missouri state university abbreviation MO? MSU is Michigan State.
  2. Ummm one team plays in upstate NY and the other in Indiana..... let that sink in a minute.
  3. I tend to agree with this assessment. I think he holds the franchise back and will be the reason the Colts won’t go far. So that begs to question how can Indy find a QB to get them over the hump. They will be drafting too low to have a real chance at a difference making QB so that means they will need to trade up or look to FA. I’m not sure the Colts have enough ammo to move up high enough to get a top shelf QB. So I’m think FA (free agency) or a trade is the best bet. So what QB in FA or by trade is a viable option. Matt Stafford comes to mind in my book.
  4. I actually believe Rivers is a decent QB but he’s what will hold the team back from winning it all. Too many mental lapses. Unless he goes on an Eli Manning type post season I fear he will come up short. For arguments sake let’s say that’s the case and Indy decides to move on and go after Stafford. Who is rumored to be possibly traded. My 3 questions are - 1) Do you think Stafford would get us over the hump? 2) What do you think it will take in a trade to lure Stafford away from the Lions? 3) What would you be willing to give up to get him? Rumors are that
  5. I know exactly what is says, and it still reflects on Cam's ability to create a passing game. If you can't see that, too bad. No offense but the graph isn’t about pass completions. It’s about attempts. Are they passing or running more? All this graph shows is the play calling. That NE is calling fewer passing plays. You could try to argue that they are calling less passes because of their faith level in their QB but I think that would be a very faulty argument considering that NE has not had much to throw to at WR.
  6. I honestly do not think it happens and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t let it happened either. we’re heading into week 8. AP isn’t even close to half way there and for this reason I do not think he’s back next. I also expect Swift to get more and more snaps moving forward too. I bet AP ends the season about 500 yards shy of Barry’s numbers. I think the Lions brass knew he wouldn’t hit it when they brought him in.
  7. Pride of Detroit’s breakdown of the matchup. I think it’s a good write up from Detroit’s point of view. Curious what you all think? I would say it seems fairly accurate. https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2020/10/30/21539895/detroit-lions-indianapolis-colts-preview-prediction-on-paper
  8. Swifts have been even fewer but I’m expecting him to get more moving forward. Barry is close with the team and wants to see them win. So there’s no hard feelings. Barry never cared about stats anyway. The Lions desperately needed a veteran RB to mentor their young RB group. I think it’s a smart move. I also do not think AP breaks the record in a Lions uniform. He’s only had 300 yards so far and still needs another 800 to get there. I doubt he’s back next year.
  9. KG really wasn’t near 100% until the Jax game either. He looks close to 100% now. Week 1 Vs the Bears the Lions defense lost 3 CB’s. Two of them starters. They were dominating CHI before that and CHI was able to rally back as a result. DET still almost won the game but Swift dropped the game winner in the end zone. The Lions defense was really banged up vs GB, ARZ and NO. They are finally getting healthy. The Lions are still down two CB’s. Trufant and Coleman won’t play this week and haven’t played since week one. I think the Swift vs Taylor matchup will be a fun one to wat
  10. Hello I’m new to the board. Thanks for having me. This is my first post. I live on the Michigan Indiana boarder and follow both the Lions and Colts closely. This week I get to see my two favorite teams face off. As a fan of both teams I’ll try to give a neutral view of the game. Feel free to ask me anything. The Lions are coming off two wins. And have played their last two opponents tough. They were lucky to pull off a win vs ATL. They had CHI beat until they lost 3 starting CB’s and two starting OL. Not to mention Swift dropped the game winner. Following that game they str
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