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  1. Yes, or maybe the Steelers, who'd then have 2 young QBs, 1 with behavioral problems, and 1 without. Or the Broncos could have 24 and 26 year olds competing. Drew Lock seems very confident, which could have an effect on Trubisky.
  2. I hope Jacoby has some of his 2020 $15m in crypto, and will know when to bail out! Back on topic, it does make Trubisky at $8m look 'reasonable'. It isn't obvious to me that Dak, with a broken leg, is worth 5 times as much.
  3. windycitygridiron does state that "a vocal portion of the Bears’ fan base has been pushing for the contract extension of Mitchell Trubisky", and maybe they remember better days in 2018 and 2019, but their QBs this season may be Foles, with Bray now UFA. Pushing the ball down the field could have been limited for any of the 3 Bears QBs this year, with Mooney their only deep hope injured most of the time. Wims could be a deep threat when he isn't ejected for punching. Foles apparently told Griese that Nagy was calling for pushing-the-ball-plays that couldn't be done, because of the O line c
  4. If you mean Darnold has a stronger arm, I disagree. Mahomes', wearing T shirt and shorts, has an "80 yard Pro Day pass" on youtube and that pass looks just like a Trubisky pass vs Arizona, wearing shoulder pads and helmet. Trubisky also had measured better 40 time. If Trubisky's career doesn't progress, other factors may be involved, but I think not many starters last year were better athletes...Lamar probably is one, because of his speed, and his arm, Josh Allen and Herbert also could be. I'll never forget a Parcells press conference, August 2006, when he announced that "
  5. His final play 13 months ago was an illegal hit by Clowney, so he could have a lesion in the right(or left) temporal lobe. And, he could become a Colt next month, and then have an emotional retirement announcement in September, because 'the NFL is a copycat league'...
  6. Exactly. Giving up anything for Wentz is like giving up your 1 Dogecoin for a car used in Demolition Derby.
  7. 1. he seemed to throw to his left more, and quite naturally, at North Carolina but, you're right, fewer to his left with Chicago 2. I don't care much about stats, whenever they're made. Justin Herbert, 1 year ago, was rejected by many for his low stats, junk time or otherwise 3. Open receivers hit include A Rob and Kmet on consecutive redzone plays vs GB. A Rob was hit in the chinstrap(bounced off) and Kmet was hit between the numbers(bounced off, luckily not INTd). There may be others I can't remember...no no...Javon Wims...endzone...New Orleans...hit Javon's hands and bounced
  8. If you'd be glad to offer details, please offer 2, or 3, or more if you can. If you can only offer 1, of just simplistically offer 'bad'...that seems insubstantial...and even 1 would be detail(singular)
  9. Exactly why? (from a Trubisky voter). He hasn't "blown out his ACL"(as Wentz and Dehaun both have) He doesn't complain about the owner or the coaching staff...or his punchdrunk WRs. And he wouldn't cost any draft capital.
  10. Sam won as QB vs Rams in LA, and next week vs Cleveland, but this year, of all years... "tell me who's playing". Flacco played better than Sam vs the Raiders and, especially, vs the Patriots.
  11. I don't think he's trash...just that his long windup throwing motion has always looked risky, all the way back to USC. And I think other under 30 QBs are better athletes(Lock and Trubisky as 2). Instead of mentioning A Rod or Russ, I will say they looked more likely to win when Flacco was replacing (injured) Sam, who's a high draft choice who must play to prove he wasn't a draft error.
  12. I voted for Trubisky because he may have had fewer injuries, and because Fitzpatrick may not want to leave Florida, with his family in Tampa.
  13. I would prefer that Ballard keep countering until Howie offers compensatory picks to us, including Howie's April pick at #6, and at least Howie's 2022 and 2023 1st round picks.
  14. I hope that there's "no such thing as a dumb question", so here goes a trilogy;: 1. Why would the Broncos "really want" Wentz if the Eagles don't want him? 2. Why would the Colts "really want" Wentz if the Eagles don't want him? 3. Shouldn't the Broncos and Colts be trying to trade for Jalen Hurts? (or do you think Hurts is not the guy to take us all the way to the Lombardi tossing after game party at Disney World?)
  15. You may have to google their names, but Week 22 winners I can remember include Jeff Hostetler Trent Dilfer Joe Flacco, Darnold's backup. And Drew Brees was a reject, who won in Week 22. Also, Colts have only 1 signed QB now, so maybe you're expecting too much.
  16. 21 celsius(think 70 fahrenheit) in New Zealand, but 18 knot SW sea breeze...can't read all these GIF animated posts, but hoping Wentz goes to North Dakota or somewhere else, soon.
  17. Nothing special. He had a 4.67 combine 40, and he had a stronger combine arm than Watson or Mahommes. Some Chicago reporters said Pace ignored Watson because of INTs and a more slender physique, but Pace must have become spellbound, and did pay too much. Chicago's QB coach has said that Trubisky is coachable...and that Wentz is not ! Teams without an obvious starting QB may include Broncos, Pats, Steelers, Football Team, Panthers, Saints, Colts, Cowboys. Then Tya, Jalen Hurts and Kyler Murray look like 'hopeful' experiments. And then, the Jets: Darnold has always had a wi
  18. Bears' receivers had 2020 discipline problems: Wims ejected for punching vs Saints Miller ejected for punching vs Saints(wildcard, 2021) and Kmet was warned for punching vs Packers, though the Packers provactively seemed to be trying to injure him
  19. Diminishing returns had been reached with the 1st one. A storm load causes me to skip through posts without reading.
  20. Or, if you have an elite quarterback, and he spends all night running backwards for his life facing his own goal line, he can't even see his league best receivers, and you end up under water, unable even to tread....
  21. They apparently have an audience, but 99% seem to simplify, and to limit their discussion, to the 4, 3, 2, or even 1 name(s) that they know, or can remember from reading the roster list, or youtube headlines. .
  22. Maybe someone's already mentioned this, but one main takeaway for me is the apparent brain damage of the US media(social, and commercially paid). Has this been caused by air pollution, or stress, or poor dental hygiene, or something else? '
  23. Terry Bradshaw could be #1. Pittsburgh was truly terrible, that's how they got him...and don't compare them to, for example, the 2020 Jags. The 1970 Steelers were worse, and Bradshaw dragged them up to the top 4 times. He just had a short career. Today, if the QBs had been made to swap teams, Brady would have been sacked 24 times.
  24. I didn't cherry pick...just stressed reading these thousands of posts without my glasses.
  25. Well yes, but he was limited by being pulled, while he was winning...to push Tua out there...to show the owner...I'm just saying it's possible that Fitzpatrick could win. I know it's bad, but my hopes went up when he tested + before Buffalo. I think Fitzpatrick would have eliminated the Colts, and I guess would have got a next-week repeat game vs Bills.
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