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  1. How much would it cost to get both Colin Kaepernick and Johnny Manziel? Google says Eason costs only $3.2 for 4 years. Johnny and Colin could back him up...or vise versa... Imagine the wildcat options...and the publicity...
  2. AC this morning sounded happy to be retired, with his ankle 'elevated'. I listened to many Parcels press conferences, expressing concern with moving linemen, so I like anchoring Q eternally at LG. If Bakhtiari recovers OK, Veldheer may not want to play backup in Green Bay, so maybe we'll have another chance. Or, can we just make Veldheer an offer he can't refuse? (he may prefer to head back to the Raiders, now that they're in Vegas...that's where I'd be aiming...)
  3. Jared Veldheer is too smart to be a football player, but I'll guess he plays at least 3 more games: 2 January games in Green Bay and 1 February game in Tampa Bay.
  4. I question only 'dirt cheap'. I will add to your suggestion: 1) Trubisky never has had a serious injury like, for example, DeShaun. 2) he has been a memorable running back at times. 3)he threw a pass 77 yards into the Arizona endzone 2 years ago, so his arm may be OK I think Nagy wrecked him.
  5. Yes, because all of the Colts I hear interviewed seem so well behaved. This Colts team was the best Rivers had since January 2007, when the Chargers should have beaten NE, then certainly would have beaten the Colts, in San Diego, and then certainly would have beaten the Bears in Miami with Prince singing Purple Rain. That Chargers loss to NE rivals the Denny Green meltdown loss to the Bears as the most sickening losses I can remember, when the wrong team(s) won, with no cosmic justice.
  6. I hope he decides to play another year somewhere, because he seems OK physically. At least 1 Bears fan minutes ago suggested bringing him to Chicago! And he doesn't make me cringe, like watching some other older QBs, Two years ago in Foxborough, he took a real beating, in a hopeless situation with a Charger team that was totally controlled by NE. That was must-not-see TV. Stafford season opener vs the Jets couple of years ago also should have been pulled from the game...and Cam Newton, several times I can remember. Alex Smith is the one who needs most to be off the field(so does
  7. the slow motion replay is from 16:32 to 16:37 of that 18 minute and 10 second video.
  8. and, sorry, when I started this, my first new topic', I couldn't easily see where or how to post it in "NFL General', which would have been more correct. The attempted lateral made by Josh Allen was wildly ambitious...sure to have Bills Mafia wild in sympathy...and it reminded me of a similar failed lateral attempted by Reggie Bush with USC.
  9. Because I'd rather avoid a blindside block penalty on Saturday.
  10. With 9:40 left in overtime, #70 of Buffalo is flagged for 'blindside block'. #70 and the Texan defender are staring at each other.They bump arms and stop staring at each other only when they bump helmets. How could that have been called a 'blindside block' on Bill #70?
  11. Let him concentrate on this week, not next year. He learned the playbook in 2 days, and said he is practicing 'learning how to learn'. And he seemed happy that he's still able to play.
  12. He did grab a shirt in the 3rd quarter, and the JAX defender raised his arm to alert officials. That certainly looked more offensive than Glowinski's imaginary 'block in the back' vs Tuitt. JV released the shirt, maybe just in time, or maybe JV knows how to release his grip in time. He does not look fat.
  13. You're right, and Belichick would have taken the ball, hoping for one less series for Josh. I was tracking only the Bengals game, and checked the Buffalo score at halftime, with Ravens controlling the ball ~26 of the first 30 minutes.
  14. It might depend on how he feels. He had stem cell therapy treatment for chronic pain(hip)...said he felt better..then good...until he tried to play...then more pain. Hope that he wakes up feeling fine, and that his health problems are finished.
  15. Don't forget my favorite: Bengals devour Ravens. Mixon is out, but Perine and Bernard are OK...just hope to fix 3 first quarter fumbles, as in Dallas, and hope CIN can limit Dobbins and Ingram. Gus Edwards was listed with 'illness' Brandon Allen had 2 perfect practices this week. Bills' Tyler Kroft tested + and is out tomorrow.
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