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  1. I know this won't be popular, but, I liked how Zurlon Tipton ran in college. I watched some Central Michigan games, and he always stood out to me. Not the fastest cat, but he ran hard and not very many arm tackles brought him down..
  2. I don't see how you lose signing Decker. He's big, physical, fast enough, 26, and has good hands. He would have caught 95% of the drops DHB had, IMHO. The Colts will lose some of their FA either by other teams or deciding to let them walk, thus freeing up some $$. I don't think they will end up with him, but I sure wish they would, 'cuz I think he's very good...
  3. I've been a Colts fan since 1957!! I was born and raised in South Dakota, and in my small home town we could only get 1 tv station. That station carried the Bears, and I got so tired of hearing Red Grange brag about the Bears I was going crazy. Then I saw this young qb, John Unitas, who I thought was incredible even then. I loved the uni colors, the uni look, and of course the 'shoe'. Never got hooked on a city, but totally hooked on the Colts.... Damn, I'm almost to middle age!!
  4. Living in the Black Hills of South Dakota, fan since 1957. I'm a Colts fan not a city fan..
  5. Uh, nice try, but football doesn't progress along a linear line. You have no way of knowing if they would have played better, and just an aside, they were behind more than one possession other times during the season and still won. Good effort tho...
  6. Luckily we weren't missing anyone, it's always good to have a full roster when the other team has someone not playing.. Please...
  7. We are 4 games into the season, Luck has beaten the Vikings, their only loss, beaten the Packers, considered one of the best teams in the NFL, gave the team the lead against the Jags in the last minute of the game, and yet there is the need to complain about his completion percentage? Good Lord, talk about ticky tack!! I'll take wins over completion percentage any day of the week. I find this topic hard to take seriously. ( Shakes head in disbelief )
  8. The players that do make the final 53, and are basically 50 - 53 on the list, better not get too comfortable, 'cuz I think we'll be picking up some new players off the waiver wire. The thing I really like about Grigson, is, he's not afraid to pull the trigger if he thinks a better player is available. And I think there will be a few better players available late tomorrow. Can't wait to see who it might be..
  9. That totally sucks. How Jerry Jones and others can say the see no real difference in the officiating, they are either bold face liars, or in a coma. They are so inconsistent in their calls, and as mentioned earlier, they will get someone trashed with their no calls... Just friggin' stupid....
  10. 1) Huh, you're saying we can't be making these comments after 1 preseason game?? 2) What exactly does David Tyree have to do with people wanting to be happy with what they saw, one game or not? 3) I'll make any comments I want as often as I want, before or after the bye week. Just a heads up, don't read my posts as few as they may be, 'cuz I know they won't meet your criteria of Colts fan comments. Just sayin'......
  11. Here is another interesting video on Luck from Sports Science. Can't wait to watch him...
  12. I see no reason to drop the collective IQ of this team 20 points by adding him to the roster. Time for him to find out what real life, after football, is all about.
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