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    Diehard colts fan. Peyton Manning is the GOAT. Love talking colts football and the draft and free agency. Here to see the Colts win multiple superbowls. Go Shoe!

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  1. 1. Jets - Trevor Lawrence QB 2. Panthers - Justin Fields QB 3. Bengals - Penei Sewell OT 4. Giants - Micah Parsons LB 5. Washington- Ja’Marr Chase WR
  2. I reall like Patrick Jones II and Kwity Paye as potential targets at DE in Round 2.
  3. I think Newman opting out will hurt him. Mixed reviews on him at the moment. Proving he could play on the big stage would’ve only helped him.
  4. Outside of the top 3 , I really like Desmond Ridder out of Cinci. He is a dual threat qb in the form of watson mahomes etc and could be had outside of round 1.
  5. I think Blackmon played strictly FS in his final year at Utah and looked great doing it. His play on the field earned him All-American. It is a small sample, but his play in Week 2 was very encouraging and he made some huge plays from the FS spot. I think he is our future FS and will fit our defense better than Hooker so no need to draft another FS. I think our top 3 needs in order are 1. CB (Rhodes isn’t a long term answer and we need another boundary CB to compete with Tell and start alongside Rock) 2. DE (even if we resign Houston I am not optimistic about our other options in Turay who is
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