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  1. I was screaming at the TV when they only put 14 seconds on the clock as opposed to 19!!! That 5 seconds would have given the Colts to throw in the middle of the field to get in FG range and spike the ball!!! That was huge!!!
  2. I am a Chargers fan and #17 is the biggest reason that team has been competitive for years. River was never given a good Oline and yes like last year he had some horrible games but he is one of the reasons the Colts offense is running as well as it is this year. He should be brought back IMO.
  3. PR is doing very well and is being protected. Something he did not have in SD or LA. He is not putting up great numbers but who cares? I think the Colts will win the division.
  4. WELCOME TO MY WORLD COLTSFANS!!! I have been a Chargers fan all my life. I hated that Rivers left but was happy that he landed in Indy. I am rooting for him to have a great year and watched today's game with great anticipation. #17 played so well along with the Colts offense that I can't believe they let that one go!!! And yes, Rivers threw boneheaded INTs at the worst times. It was like watching my Bolts!!! I can't defend what he did but the defense was awful too. I THINK the Colts will win their division anyway. Rivers is very frustrating at times. Give him a chance though!!! It
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