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    Bolt fan since 1965.. DIE HARD fan, but no longer..Got my COLT has a few months back. Now a Rivers fan. He is the MAN, he has HEART and actually cares...Golly Gee...lol

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  1. Don't have to listen to the radio this weekend, as it's on in San Jose, Ca... YESSSSSSS Go Colts Go Rivers...
  2. I can't agree enough. I have never missed a Chargers game until this year. I'm 60 years old and have now, gotten rid of all charger stuff in my office, but my old 1970 helmet lamp which goes in the dumpster today on my way out. I have never seen Rivers with this much time. He so deserves this kind of true line support. I'm new here, but sit back fellow Colt Fans and enjoy the ride, as the fun is just beginning. Just think when he is on the same page as his teammates and really starts clicking with his recv'ers.. Early Xmas present to us all...
  3. over 4k in yards and 29td's to 7int's
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