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  1. Thanks again for your help with this week's Colts Mailbag, which you can find by clicking here. PRO TIP — questions I'm growing a bit tired of/avoiding: • When will Michael Pittman Jr. be used in the red zone? • Does Parris Campbell have a chance to come back this season? • Why isn't the run game as good this year?
  2. I won’t brag too much about predicting the exact outcome of last Sunday’s win over the Packers (OK, I was off by two yards on the field goal distance), but that’s the kind of quality weekly content you’re getting with the Colts Mailbag. In all seriousness, though, huge, huge game on the horizon this Sunday against the Titans. Who’s got questions for this week’s Mailbag?
  3. I’d like to thank Peyton Manning, without whom none of this would be possible. I don’t know why, exactly, but thanks Peyton.
  4. Big matchup in Indy on Sunday between the AFC South-leading Colts (6-3) and the NFC North-leading Packers (7-2). Who's got questions leading into the matchup? Submit them here for this week's Colts Mailbag.
  5. Thanks again for all the terrific questions for this week's Colts Mailbag. I tried to dive a little deeper into the Colts' issues on third- and fourth-and-short, as well as why I am such a proponent in the quarterback sneak (well, with Jacoby Brissett in the game), and why Indy is in such better shape with T.J. Carrie backing up Kenny Moore II at nickel cornerback. Also, I took the bait on a question about Frank Reich's dental hygiene. You can read this week's Mailbag by clicking here.
  6. Big win Thursday night for the Colts, and now the team has a "mini bye week," as Philip Rivers calls it — a 10-day break before the team continues play in Week 11 against the Green Bay Packers at Lucas Oil Stadium. But that doesn't mean we're taking a break this weekend. Who's got questions for the Colts Mailbag? It'll probably be a quick turnaround — want to try to get this up tomorrow (Saturday) — so I appreciate all your help and participation, once again!
  7. Colts GM Chris Ballard tonight was a guest on 1075 The Fan’s “Colts Roundtable Live.” What were his thoughts on the first half of the season, how well the team’s defense has been playing to this point, what improvements can be made in the run game and more? Click here for the full interview.
  8. Thanks to your insightful questions, I took a couple deep dives into Sunday's game against the Ravens and tried to figure out how the Colts could take advantage of Marlon Humphrey's absence, as well as the blueprint to beating this team created in its two other losses (and a close win vs. the Eagles). That and much, much more in this week's Colts Mailbag, which you can find by clicking here. Really appreciate it again, y'all.
  9. Two 5-2 AFC contenders clash on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium, as the Colts, fresh off a 20-point road win over the Lions, play host to the Ravens. Who's got questions for this week's Colts Mailbag?
  10. Terrific idea. To be honest, it can be tough to do super deep dives during the season, but I’ll definitely look into this for a solid article. Thanks for sending and thinking of me.
  11. (Insert election day voting joke here) But, seriously, click here to vote for Philip Rivers for the Week 8 FedEx Air Player of the Week award, if you feel inclined. You can vote as many times as you want. And for context, here's why he's a nominee this week.
  12. Thanks again for your questions for this week’s Colts Mailbag, which you can find by clicking here. Questions on Pittman Jr., Hines, Alie-Cox, Turay and others, as well as pending free agents, the trade deadline, today’s game vs. the Lions and why Jeffrey Gorman isn’t my least favorite coworker.
  13. I can’t believe it’s Week 8 already, but here we are. What questions do you have as the Colts get ready to take on the Lions? Thanks, as always.
  14. Click here for this week’s Colts Mailbag! The bye week has provided plenty of opportunities to take a look back at the first six weeks of the season. Lots of in-depth questions this time around on Quenton Nelson pulling in the run game, three-tight end sets, slant route usage, offensive pace and more. Thanks again for the thoughtful submissions, and try to enjoy your Sunday without Colts football.
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