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  1. see it colts need better offence player,s hilton too old. NEED DRAFT WR,S IN NEXT DRAFT ARE FREE agency. see colts are top 2 tier nfl team , not rdy for the 1 tier lack of offence.
  2. rather we got tom brady then rivers.
  3. rivers cost us 2 int for a total 3 turn overs then you will always going too lose games.
  4. Rivers threw the game away again this 2 games that rivers lost, Guy need to go next year
  5. On 5/24/2020 at 2:22 PM, Dingus McGirt said: 8-8, miss out on playoffs by a missed field goal in the final game of the regular season. I doubt AV will be our kicker by the final game.....lol. The Colts have also seemingly moved on without the greybeard. Indy still employs Chase McLaughlin, who kicked for three franchises last year, and also signed former Georgia kicker Rodrigo Blankenship as a UDFA this weekend. Adam Vinatieri's
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