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  1. I love seeing how many Chargers fans have come aboard here like myself! I can't believe being a lifelong Chargers fan how I excited I am for this Colts season. I have been a Bolts fan since Dan Fouts and I didn't leave the Chargers then but I have zero excitement this year for the Chargers (I think their defense can be number one but have zero excitement for their QB's which are needed to make a playoff run). I realized that for the past 15 plus years every year I have been excited primarily for what Rivers can accomplish that year, ergo I love Rivers > C
  2. That 1985/86 Playoff/Superbowl run was a travesty for fans. The Chicago Bears won 15 regular season games and reached the SuperBowl only losing on MNF to Dan Marino in Miami 38-24. In the AFCCG the Dolphins hosted the Patriots in the rain and somehow lost. That would of been the most anticipated SuperBowl ever to watch the 15-1 Bears in a rematch with the Miami Dolphins and Dan Marino. Bears beat the Patriots 46-10 and I believe would of beat the Dolphins but would of been a much better game. Perhaps a 38- 21 Bears victory (and maybe the great Walter Payton would h
  3. As a White Sox fan I know. Doesn't make it relevant or correct that all those dead players have an impact on a 2020 game.
  4. I have always hated the "historical" stat (other than past 2 games within a calendar year and even then the rosters have changed appx 25% ish) because the rosters have changed so much, players move on, retire, die, etc. A game from 1974 has zero implications on 2020.
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