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  1. Until these WR's produce in the regular season, I will continue to be skeptical. I remember all of the Deon Cain hype, and it didn't end well.
  2. If Rivers can make explosive plays, and if the defense improves their pass defense, we can absolutely compete.
  3. Colts didn't pay Rivers $25 million to hand the ball off. We need a more explosive offense, and Rivers, if not washed up, gives us this option.
  4. On paper, our defense is easily improved. However, we will need to see how this plays out on the field. Our CB position leaves a lot to be desired. The scheme is also easy to prepare for.
  5. Malik Hooker or Marlon Mack. I could see the entire 2017 draft class becoming Jets.
  6. Horsey


    Jacoby Brissett.
  7. Pittman was the steal of the draft. How did he fall to the second round?
  8. If Turay stays healthy, Colts could have best line in NFL.
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