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  1. How is it trolling, when I'm providing you with facts?
  2. If Ballard has done such an excellent job, when compared to other GM's, why isn't he winning? Drafting decently is one thing, but if you are not winning games, it doesn't matter how well you draft and trade.
  3. A GM with a losing career record being called a genius.
  4. Paid Rivers $25 million instead of paying Cam Newton only $1 million. What a genius move!
  5. Drafted Campbell over Metcalf and Pittman over Claypool. Genius indeed!
  6. My perception has significantly changed. I was drinking the Kool Aid, and thought Buckner would make the Defense formidable. Defense looks just as terrible as when Ballard first took over as GM. Combination of bad coaching and bad drafting. Besides Leonard, none of his high draft picks on defense have planned out.
  7. Until we have a QB that can get them the ball, no reason to trade for a good TE.
  8. Where is all the talent Ballard has acquired? I keep hearing and reading about this talent, but I never actually see this mysterious talent.
  9. It's a domino effect from poor drafting on the defensive side of the ball. Besides Leonard, all of the high defensive draft picks have been disappointing. If it's not the players, then it's the scheme, and Eberflus should be held accountable.
  10. How much longer will Ballard put up with lousy zone defensive scheme? You know your defense is bad when Gardner Minshew, who will not be a starting QB next season, goes 19/20. No idea why Eberflus always gets a pass.
  11. I don't think Ballard is too hung up on size. If he was, he wouldn't have passed on DK Metcalf last season.
  12. Colts finish a disappointing 8-8 due to lousy pass coverage. Eberflus gets fired, and we will have top shelf defense in 2021.
  13. I'm also concerned about the WR's. Young guys could step up, but they could also flop. It's a 50/50 proposition. We have seen what happens when Hilton gets injured, the Colts don't win. I would have liked to see Ballard purchase a WR2, but he seems dead set on finding this player through the draft instead. Allen Robinson is unhappy in Chicago, and I would take a hard look at trading for him.
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