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  1. The Rivers you see now is the same Rivers that was in San Diego for 14 years. You hated him because he is good at what he does, he has tremendous passion for the game, and he used that talent and passion to beat the Colts 6 out of 8 times.
  2. In time you will learn Philip Rivers is NO crybaby. You saw an intense passion to win. You saw a QB who will speak his mind for the good of the team.
  3. Having been a Chargers Season ticket holder for decades, I have been watching Philip Rivers since he was drafted. He makes everyone around him want to play better. The colts are very lucky to have him.
  4. If anyone thinks Philip Rivers won't give 150% for any reason, you don't know Philip Rivers.
  5. I am new to this site for one reason and one reason only. Philip Rivers. I have been a lifelong season ticket Charger fan. I was in Balboa Stadium when John Hadl and Lance Alworth took on Joe Namath. (yeah I'm old) The Chargers are dead to me since they left San Diego. I think Colt fans (I am now one) will find out there is no one else quite like Philip Rivers. If you Colt fans have the passion I think you have you are going to love this guy!
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