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  1. I was at my sister's and BIL's house while I was home on leave after my first Iraq tour. I pushed my flight back to Alaska back a day just so I could watch the AFCCG while I was still in Indiana.
  2. I'm excited for the season. Hopefully they will televise more than 3 games this year here.
  3. "After we won the SB my family went straight to the dome and skipped the parade, found out later they stopped letting people in. The dome was rocking dude. I couldnt even hear myself screaming!" My brother-in-law is from Chicago and is a huge Bears fan. I called him right after the Super Bowl win and he answered the phone FU. Isn't caller ID grand. My home town is smack dab in the middle between Indianapolis and Chicago and before the game the local radio stations were making it sound like the second coming of the Civil War with segments like "is yours a house divided" " is it brother against brother" lol
  4. It's my first comment so please be gentle. Personally I'm ok with this pick. As others have stated it's a 4 round pick. He will have at least a year to learn.
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