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  1. I wouldn’t totally dismiss Nelson moving to LT. He is going to end up getting LT money because he is that good. Ballard is a cap wizard which is why you never see him jumping in on Free Agent Opening Day. It sounds like Quenton might like the challenge of the move which is a characteristic of great players. He would eventually excel.....and by eventually I mean a few games. That leaves us with enough money to build rest of team.
  2. Other....Dak. Yes the Cowboys probably tag him but hearing rumblings that he is frustrated with the inability to come to an extension agreement and he wants out. How awesome would that be?
  3. Bad play calling? Are you kidding me? They went for almost 500 yards! Play all on 4th and goal was perfect. Gotta make that throw because the play was there. Missed chip shot, giving up 94 yard drive before half and game of centimeters on replay calls are what lost the game. Great balance on offense...just lost...barely...to a great team.
  4. Kendall Coleman was a solid edge rusher with Syracuse. High character guy. Worked with Robert Mathis in offseason. Could end up a huge addition.
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