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  1. Another thought. Chad adds another dimension to practice squad with his versatility. He can challenge the defense to play against a fast mobile quarterback or a deep throwing quarterback, (not the best but, not the worst). He has both of those skills. Currently, we are in GREAT shape with PR and a highest paid backup with game experience, JB. Add a project like Eason to the roster in the third slot, to see what he is made of, may be great, may be mush (he will not be the franchise player for this team - look at his college QB ratings). He does have the raw talents to possibly become a go
  2. The 49th best quarterback in the NCAA with a QB rating of 143.9 (best year) - Jason Eason. (barely made the top 50). NFL quarterbacks are rarely below 155 QB rating in NCAA. Meaning, Eason is a project.
  3. Jacoby ratings at Florida and North Carolina State were never over 136.7. Yards passing per season two years of 2,600, his last two seasons. Phillip Rivers senior season at North Carolina State 170.5 and 4,500 yards passing, in 2003. In 2002, his rating was 141.1 and 3353 yards passing.
  4. Interesting note about Chad Kelly. His numbers and QB rankings (143.9 partial season) and (155.9) (season highest 4.040 yards passing) were better than Dak Prescott (151 and 151.7) (season highest 3,800 yards passing) and Eason (143.9 at Washington) (3,100 yards passing) and while playing in the SEC (120.2 Georgia) (2,400 passing yards - playing in 13 games). Dak is a franchise QB and Eason has played 1 year at Washington, college football. Let the field decide the strongest COLT.
  5. Agree 2006 on Herbert and Tua. And, felt like Love was another Paxton Lynch.
  6. Van Jefferson and Chad Kelly played together briefly in college.
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