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  1. This is Rivers since his freshman year in college. He's ALWAYS needed to be able to set himself to throw with any "zip" since he's a body thrower. That restricted arm motion he uses simply doesn't allow for any pop if he can't put his body into it.
  2. Rivers is very accustomed to working with constant injuries to receivers, and O-linemen, and well ... pretty much every position on the team. He'll be alright.
  3. Good memory, Pride. And also in those early years it seemed he didn't throw picks in the redzone. you could track his riskier play right along with the chargers deteriorating o and d-lines (and nonexistent sp teams). It was never the same after those first few seasons. For most of the past decade it felt like Phil had to play flawless for the chargers to even have a chance to win.
  4. Rivers played his college ball in the ACC at NC State
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