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  1. I also like the NFL because of the fairly level playing field caused by the cap. I almost like the off season better than the regular season!!
  2. I agree with some earlier posters who said we should just go for BPA for our first three picks - which might not necessarily be a WR, especially since many have said that it is a deep class for wideouts, thus some good X ones might be available in later rounds. My guess now for the second round picks are OT and TE, not necessarily in that order. We desperately need to get some OL depth, especially since losing Haig, plus this would be a great chance to get a high quality replacement for Castanzo. Others have said the Rivers has always really used his TE, and that our coaches really like to integrate them into our attack. Losing Ebron leaves a great hole. I don't think it's a deep TE class, so grabbing one in very early rounds makes some sense. Being a Purdue fan, I like Hopkins for getting open downfield, but, like Ebron, he sometimes gets a case of the "dropsies". For our third round pick I think CB or WR. Just my guesses!
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