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  1. Any Corner can be made to look bad by stringing together their bad reps in 16 games. One of the "gaffs" was clearly a miscommunication as he thought he had help over the top. Author claimed he got smoked. It's silly when you see him clearly playing the underneath passing lanes.
  2. Super Bowl? We don't have a starting CB yet. Vikings miss the playoffs this season. The good news is that it is fat weight. Like he is out of shape etc. It is muscle weight. He is a gym rat and it shows but he needs to reduce
  3. Last point. Him making the pro bowl was a joke. He was bad last season based on what he was asked to do. When he was asked to press, he played well. When he was asked to play zone, he struggled.
  4. He wasn't really playing the number 1 much. Zimmer's scheme puts our CBs on a side. When we played Julio, he would move inside if Julio went inside and outside but stayed primarily on the right side of the defense (Defense POV). Waynes was used almost exclusively on the left side. Later in the year he got benched as our other CB got healthy. We drafted Hughes in 2018 in the first and had to see what we had in him. Waynes was playing poorly, so shuffling was natural.
  5. I was reading a lot of your guys post on Rhodes. I was hoping I could shed some light on his play the last 2 seasons. The Vikes run a very complicated Double A scheme. In 2017 it was super effective when paired with a lot of blitzes and **Press Man**. In 2018, more teams started running the double A due to our success (it is a copycat league after all). As a result, many offenses were prepared for the double a scheme and we saw a lot of schematic counters to the defense. What Zimmer then did to counter this was to blitz less, send more corner blitzes instead of sending our Lbs and switch our C
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