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  1. Peyton Manning made me PROUD to say I was a Colts fan... But a lot of players from that special era of ours will forever be favorites of mine. Edge was just such a cool guy I could never not mention him. Second coolest person to play RB aside from Lynch. And if you love watching someone make music on the field how could you not love Marvin.
  2. Who was available at LT when free agency opened up? The 49s resigned Trent Williams so I feel getting Fisher, though a risk, was a fair move all things considered. We had a highly touted OL coming into this season. Maybe we couldn't find a "stud" who was comfortable being a backup.
  3. I really only see this season as salvageable if we make the playoffs or keep our first round pick. I don't bash my team because I've been a lot more blessed than some other fan bases but this season isn't looking like our year to this point.
  4. Not to sound pessimist because I'm not but I've kind of seen us as an average team for years. The bottom is falling out this year and I think it was overdue anyways. If we can keep our likely to be high draft pick in the first this team has potential moving forward. But you are what your record says you are and against playoff teams we just aren't there yet.
  5. I agree with everyone saying he is ring of honor as opposed to HOF. That's my personal belief as well. He is truly one of my favorite players to don the horseshoe.
  6. I noticed on NFL.com they were advertising the upcoming James Harrison football life and it led me to thinking about Bob. I remember a story about him when we drafted him and in his Iowa days he mentioned something akin to having the mentality of "if I hit you and it hurts me it hurt you worse". Not to say I "miss" the vicious hits but I miss that mentality in a defender. Not to say we don't have some with that now but I was playing highschool ball then so I LOVED me some Bob. He's HOF eligible now I believe and I really wish I could say he'd get in but his injury history I think will prevent it. But man was he fun to watch.
  7. I'm with you bro. I like where we're heading but I think we are a few pieces/player developments from being a "complete" team.
  8. I will start this by saying I do not intent to provoke anyone. But... Andrew Luck was always overated by Colts fans and I don't really believe "the game misses him". He was good... But I think the generational talent talk is a little too much. He was a once in a generation PROSPECT but you can't convince me he is better than Mahomes, Watson, or a lot of the young ELITE QBs of the last few years. People like to talk about how much he won... But if you discount our 2-14 season that landed us him we had double digit years of double digit wins in a row. He simply maintained status quo even though I do say that is impressive in its own right. I'm no Andrew Luck hater but if he wasn't a Colt nobody here but NCF would be singing his praises imho. Plus retiring the way he did will always leave me with a negative opinion about him. I don't want to say it wasn't "masculine" or "adult" but his retirement played out like a child getting caught if you know what I mean lol.
  9. Same here. It may open up a spot to keep a 7th receiver which I wouldn't be opposed to. All things considered I do hope the young man's ok going forward.
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