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  1. I see no harm in bringing him in for a year at the right price. He would be an upgrade over Sheard and does provide a ton of pressure even if he doesn’t always turn that into sacks. Also should we not resign him after a good to great year on his part and you’re looking at a high comp pick. Win-Win in my books.
  2. PUP, SS, and No This could change depending on injuries or overall play (or lack of) with our safeties. Ballard said on the “with the next pick” he could envision this young man being a long term FS but I for selfish reasons picked SS because I believe he could ball out there. We use a lot of 3 safety sets so if healthy he could definitely play this year but I’m hoping others play well enough that we allow him to fully recover before taking the field. This kid strikes me as our biggest boom or bust prospect simply because I don’t believe in “bust
  3. I wonder what his actual playing weight is because he does look rather “lean” on what little footage I’ve seen of him. Absolutely LOVE his potential granted I’ve only really seen highlights and we know how flattering those can be, especially when you’re THIS athletic playing a lower competition level. Looking forward to your analysis and thoughts!
  4. Went PS, No, and No. Want to like the pick because I like what little I know about the person (former walk-on, NFL bloodline) but I’m just struggling with it right now LOL. ST’s is important and being a stud on teams has earned people around the league consistent roster spots but I just wanted a player who offered more as a piece on the defense I guess.
  5. You are correct they are cousins. I know it can be fools gold to fall for a late round pick but from highlights only I am looking forward to watching him the most of our rookies this preseason. I know our first 2 picks SHOULD have the greatest impact on our season but I hope he makes the squad and can contribute in some capacity as well.
  6. Funny you say that because if you glance at the scores they were getting blown out a lot lol. I really liked his highlight video though. Even though he was a 6th round pick he’s one of the players I’m most interested in watching when preseason play hopefully starts. He seems to have all the potential in the world.
  7. Grant Delpit and it’s really not even close when it comes to prospects I thought we could have a shot at (Young, Brown and Simmons are crazy good looking prospects). I always try to catch LSU games for the past few years because they just seem to regularly produce pros especially in the defensive secondary and from his Freshman year on Delpit has been a DOG. Reminds me of how I felt about Jamal Adams... True Alpha, lead by example, tone setter in the secondary. His ankle injury and subsequent “off” year has put us in a position to land someone that before the season sta
  8. Swift is in my top 3-5 prospects I’d like at 34. Mack is set to be a free agent after the season and rookie running backs are a great deal in my books because you can ride them out for 4 years (5 if taken in the first) and dump them before their production drops. I am also a huge Akers fan so taking him closer to the end of round 2 or early round 3 would make me happy as well. Unlike many others here I believe another running back is a need just not to the level of WR. RBs get hurt in the NFL... I want our running game to stay elite and 2 good to great backs is better t
  9. Having lived in Hawaii for 5 years (military parents) as well as completing high school there I can say without doubt their education system is a joke. Literally knew kids being passed their senior year that couldn’t read at even a 6th grade level. I don’t fault Tua as he has shown he has what it takes to play the position... I don’t ask my mechanic how “smart” he is I just trust his knowledge in the field he works in.
  10. Born in 88 and have been a fan since birth because my Grandpa (Father figure) lived in Indiana and watched EVERY GAME. Best memories ever are sitting on the couch with him watching Colts games and talking football all Sunday. First memory being the Harbaugh playoff run. Really got fun after Manning was drafted though. Moved away years ago but couldn’t imagine calling any team MY team but the Colts.
  11. Excellent point on the football character. I would LOVE to add Clowney to the Dline for a season but it doesn’t appear to line up with our beliefs. Could still happen because anything is possible but this is seeming less and less likely. Would love to be wrong though. Even if he doesn’t produce monster sack numbers you’re kidding yourself if you say he isn’t great against the run which would fill Sheards old roll will probably upping his sack production as well.
  12. Thanks for that info. That speed definitely translates on the field.
  13. I actually didn’t catch a single ND game this year (live in VA so other schools dominate TV scheduling) but I wanted to know if the hype surrounding Kmet and Claypool is real. I have heard Kmet is just the best of a really weak group of TEs and more likely to be an average starter/2nd TE than a probowler. And to be completely honest besides this website and Colts fans I had never even HEARD of Claypool until he killed the combine. Now I don’t claim to be a diehard college football fan but I do watch games every Saturday (especially if it’s THE U) and have a
  14. If memory serves me you are correct. After Lewis was drafted they said he was going to be groomed to be a 3tech. Injuries forced him to play at DE. I was never really for nor against the pick when made but it’s starting to look like it didn’t work out as planned.
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