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  1. 22 hours ago, The Old Crow said:

    I didn’t know , and was just wondering. I guess it was similar to Baltimore with the Washington Redskins. I get it. 


    I can tell you this ... San Diegans are in "PAIN" watching this crap play out for San Diego. We (I) just don't admit it.

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  2. 9 hours ago, The Old Crow said:

    That is true, with the move from SD to LA. I know not many fans followed the Colts from Maryland to Indiana because it was as different as night and day between the two areas. 
    I wonder if it’s a bit different as they are moving in state , and are still in SoCal. 
    I know people in Baltimore and Northern Maryland follow the Wizards and Capitols , even though the Baltimore Bullets left in the early 70’s. However, they are the only pro NBA and NHL teams. 
    I do think more Baltimore Colt fans didn’t watch the NFL for 12 years as far as rooting interests, a few went to Indy, more went to Pittsburgh, but no one wanted anything to do with the Redskins especially after the shenanigans Jack Kent Cooke and Taglibue pulled. It’s always interesting for fans when a franchise or all time player moves on.



    Trust a brother when I tell you San Diego HATES anything Los Angeles.


    San Diego has always been treated like a " step child compared to Los Angeles. I was born in San Diego County (Oceanside) so I speak from experience. San Diego Chargers fans were CRUSHED by the move to Los Angeles. Some may think "hey no big deal with a 90 mile move North" ... WRONG .... The fan base basically said FU and will continue to do so until the team is sold to new ownership.


  3. This perspective is from a life long Bolts fan since 1960.


    When Rivers retires from the Colts, I will no longer wish the Colts well.


    On the contrary, you are AFC opponents who stand in the way of the ring. I mean no disrespect but .... it is what it is.


    It is hard enough watching a Chargers team with the shades drawn as though "Chester The Molester" was watching and whose team was ripped away from San Diego.


    I am old enough to remember dropping back in my back yard saying "I am Johnny Unitas" ..... throwing a Super Bowl winning TD. Too bad Unitas sucked by the time he got to the Chargers and then we had Dan Fouts who started out just as bad but not for long.


    You can not help but root for a dude like Philip Rivers and I am bummed the Chargers never got him a ring. He deserves it and it was a pleasure watching him.


    So the answer is "NO" ..... I will NOT root for the Colts after Philip Rivers leaves.

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  4. 1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    As a Colts fan I love him, he played well today and helped us to an 11-5 record and a playoff berth. It was a fun entertaining season, great game today but the outcome was deflating. I don't understand why TY Hilton wasn't involved more?

    You take what the defense gives and TY had his moments today. The Colts ran up against a real good Bills team. Real good.


    Next year I want to see the Colts and the Chargers playing in the AFC Championship. Our new quarterback Justin Herbert is throwing passes I never saw Rivers throw which is encouraging.


    If Rivers is not signed, I wish him well.


    I hope Colts fans understand this guy is not a brat or mouth and just enjoys jawing his clean smack talk. Rivers once told a cornerback "how to you like them corn flakes" as he was simulating dumping a box of Wheaties on an opponent. You have to wonder wth ? Cornflakes ? And just laugh .....


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  5. Thank you Philip Rivers from a life long Chargers Fan. I saw every snap of your professional career.


    You are an ambassador to San Diego.


    You always carried yourself as a respectful and honorable man.


    May god bless you and your family




    PS .... Sign a deal for one more year and get the Colts to the promised land !!

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  6. 1 minute ago, DontEverGiveUp said:

    Yeah, I hear ya.


    I meant nothing while they had 3 HOF QBs.


    I feel your pain.


    It is horrible having our team ripped away from San Diego. The ONLY game I did not play "TAPS" on my trumpet in the parking lot on game day was for the Cleveland Browns. We knew the Browns were going to get moved by Art Modell to Baltimore. I could not bring myself out of fan respect to play "TAPS" for fans who were losing their NFL team. I could not do it. I still get choked up seeing Browns fans walking our parking lot looking like zombies knowing their team was gone...bye bye dog pound. Anyway, I am glad River injected a bit of swagger to the Colts. I love that dude as a life long Bolt fan and yeah we * away 3 HOF QBs in the process - however - 1963.... 


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  7. On 10/1/2020 at 3:49 PM, DontEverGiveUp said:

    Absolutely.  People also forget they had Drew Brees for 5 seasons and failed to win a single playoff game.


    3 HOF quarterbacks and not a damn thing to show for it.

    Well that is not quite true.


    The Chargers won the AFL title in 1963 (51-10) vs. the Boston Patriots before the Super Bowl was known as the Super Bowl.


    I know it may not seem much to today's fans but that is all we have or "had"


    The end.




    Broken San Diego Chargers Fan

  8. On 8/18/2020 at 7:39 PM, PRnum1 said:

    Trumpet_Man its me PR#1 !!!!


    Welcome to the board !!!!

    Hey dude !!!


    I could not help wondering how Rivers would do with a great O-Line in Indy. I had a feeling he would get the Colts into the playoffs. Bro has gas left in the tank. I would give Rivers another year to jell with this offense and then ask him to groom an heir apparent for a league minimum offer and like it.


    And no my posting days are largely behind me since the Chargers left San Diego.


    I just drove by Jack Murphy stadium today from work and saw the east end of the old Chargers stadium completely demolished. A tear rolled down my cheek. And then another ........

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  9. On 8/18/2020 at 2:17 PM, PrideOfAthens17 said:

    I don't care about any of this stuff. Like with all things, whatever actually happens will determine the results in the end, and people will either like them for their own reasons, or dislike them for their own reasons. The same as with everything else in life.


    My only concern in this entire thread is - can the thread creator edit Philip's name so that it is spelled correctly? That's ONE L. Thank you :D.

    Too funny. Yes indeed Philip Rivers name is spelled with "ONE" letter "L".


    I saw these same posts in San Diego as a Chargers fan.


    Philip Rivers is a WARRIOR !!!

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  10. On 8/18/2020 at 11:11 AM, Myles said:

    Nice to meet you.   Feel free to root for the Colts and Chargers.   Do you really feel the Chargers have any chance of getting to the AFC Championship?  I assumed this would be a down year for the Chargers with maybe a win ceiling around 8 games, but you are a fan and would know more than I on their outlook.   

    I do feel the Chargers have a legit shot at the AFC Championship against the Colts. You bet. The Chargers defense is damn scary if they stay healthy.


    Our new guards are nails but our tackles suck and returning center was neck injured. The Bolts swing tackle is a joke for our team so I do not see the depth needed for my former team to go the distance but enough to make a whole hell of a lot of noise. You fans will enjoy Rivers. Rivers was the ONLY jersey I ever wore as a fan after 50+ years rooting for the Chargers.


    Divorce from the Bolts has been a Bytch and hard to explain unless you were born in Southern California. Thanks for the therapy ;)

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  11. On 8/18/2020 at 11:10 AM, Four2itus said:

    Not unlike Baltimorian fans posting 30 years ago. Hope you find peace, because ultimately, that is what really counts. 

    I am old enough to be alive as these cities lost their teams: Los Angeles Chargers (1960), Los Angeles Rams, Oakland raider (twice now), St. Louis Cardinals, Cleveland Browns (I refused to play TAPS for those fans in the parking lot) Baltimore Colts, Houston Oilers = man I am freaking NFL OLD.


    Finding NFL peace after being a fan for 50 years is not easy. San Diegans have an intense DISLIKE for anything Los Angeles.


    Losing MY team after 50+ years was like watching a family member get drawn and quartered while the owners of the NFL horses pulling limbs apart laughed.


    Will I find peace ?


    Not until the Chargers return to San Diego with new ownership.

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  12. Hello Colts fans from a long time and well known Chargers fan since 1960.

    Your team will not be disappointed since Rivers will FINALLY have and O-Line worth a damn. I am not sure why the Chargers always seems to crap the sheets for decades getting a complete O-Line. Rivers is a warrior who talks trash without ever using swear words.


    As a crapped-on off Chargers fan since the relocation and Oceanside native, I am forced to wonder who I root for in an AFC Championship between the Colts and the Chargers (yeah I am that * off since the relocation). My wife will root for the Colts (ouch) and I am sitting on the fence if the grudge match AFC Championship game comes to fruition. As of this date I have to say I would not be that "butt hurt" if the Colts win it all taking the Chargers out in the process BUT this may change. This Covid-19 madness can make a Bolt brother go crazy.




    A *Off Chargers fan 

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  13. Hey Colts fans new Bolt poster here or at least a "broken" Chargers fan....anyway.


    While you are trying to decide on your QB situation with the Rivers signing and Brissett and do we draft a QB ? ......... Well .... 


    My old team San Diego was in the same situation a few years ago. We ended up with Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Doug Flutie and Cleo Lemon and held all 4 QB's on the team roster because they were all "that" good at the time. I think Cleo was practice squad'd anyway .... Use what you have as trade bait before the trading deadline during the season because QB's do go down during the season. Well that was our thinking at the time.


    My thoughts are to let Brissett learn under Rivers for one year and if he does not "get it" then go to Plan B. Draft or trade and let Rivers tutor the brother for one more year and then think about saying adios to the Rivers clan.


    I will say this .... you folks will not be disappointed with Rivers this year and I will be back to enjoy in your success.



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  14. On 3/20/2020 at 8:48 AM, chad72 said:

    In the 3 years Reich and Siranni worked with him, 13, 18 and 11 INTs were his tallies.

    My Bolts had seriously crap O-Lines during that time frame. Rivers is lucky to be still upright. Give Rivers a great O-Line which you folks have and watch out. Rivers needs reps with the WR's and TE's to understand how each reads defenses and bada bing. Rivers is an animal and I am bummed as a "Broken" Bolt fan Rivers is gone. Your backup QB Brissett needs some polish but is another animal who has mad game. I dig Brissett as an NFL fan and I hope Colts fans do as well.

  15. Old Chargers fan here and hello Colts fans.


    Rivers will not disappoint this fan base with your O-line. Give the brother a TE-WR & slot WR and enjoy the fireworks.


    Seriously Rivers still has game to take this team to the promised land and as a broken Chargers fan I wish Rivers and the Colts fan base the very best of luck. Rivers deserves a ring and I look forward to checking into this forum to see you all celebrate.



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  16. Hello Colts fans from a "Broken" Chargers fan


    I am known as Trumpet Man for the Chargers for decades and rarely post anymore but felt compelled to post one more time about your newest player Philip Rivers.


    Congrats !!!


    Let me dive right into it as I have been a fan of the Chargers since - well - 5+ decades.


    River is a pure class act who is mis-characterized as a loud mouth punk. The media has done Rivers a dis-service and I am here as a "broken" Bolt fan to let you know the media got it way wrong. Rivers talks what I call "hillbilly trash" with no cuss words. For instance, River yelled at a DB who got torched on a pass .... "how do you like those corn flakes?" I mean...c'mon man how do you respond to that kind of clean trash talk ? Get ready for a whole bunch of "daggumit" and "horse mess" and "goll-leee dagumit" or any assortment of those phrases. And Rivers wears ONLY Bolo ties. Forget ever seeing Rivers in a formal tie as a Colt. It ain't happening.


    Rivers has two good years left if not more and really never had an O-Line in San Diego worth a ratsazz. Yes we had pieces and made our playoff runs but NEVER with a stellar O-Line. I felt bad for Rivers for his whole career with crappy O-Lines and now he has arguably the best O-Line in football. I have no doubt Rivers gets the Colts to the playoffs and with the signing of Buckner, the Colts are now monster-like.


    I enjoyed the games my Bolts played against the Colts. Bolts fans have no general hatred toward the AFC except who we play in our division and the Patriots.


    Now for the "broken" Charger fan part ... San Diego is still ANGRY over the Chargers leaving. After attending Chargers games for 50+ years ... we (most of us) are still angry but watch the Bolts in "seclusion" with curtains drawn. No true San Diegan would EVER root for a team located in Los Angeles. Never (well almost never). 


    So what I am proposing is offering my "fandom" to another team. I pledge to support the NFL but it can not be the Chargers anymore so the entire NFL is welcome to invite me as a fan of my next new NFL team.


    My NFL fan terms are very negotiable. I do not believe in "holding out" my fandom for better offers ... well .... ok .... if another NFL team has a better offer then you all know the drill.




    Trumpet_Man (a Broken Chargers Fan) 

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