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  1. As a Charger FA since 1963 - I watched them as a boy practice in a public park in upstate NY for a game against the Jets the next day. I eventually moved to SD 27 years ago. When they moved to LA it ripped the heart out of the city. Yes, I followed Rivers to the Colts but in the owner, Ballard and Reich I found a great organization as well compared to the nepotism, incompetence and greed of the Spanos family. In addition, a great group of players to watch. Who doesn’t like the Maniac? It can only get better but I believe Rivers should stay one more year until a franchise QB can be identifie
  2. This was a good and competitive game. Rivers gave it his best - no turnovers and 2TD. He brought the team back in the 4th qtr with a chance to win. A missed FG and a failed 4th down try was the difference in the game between a W and L. A good draft and a couple of FA signings and Colts will be back in the playoffs next year. We better hope that Rivers decides to come back and not retire. Starting all over again with a new QB will not be easy and all of the alternatives on the FA market would be a downgrade. If you think Watson is the answer look at his huge contract.
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