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  1. It’s funny, because for years we’ve heard “Rivers has never been good enough” Yet, here we are in 2020. Herbert is playing insanely good on a stacked team, and has won 1 game. That franchise is a curse for talented players. I feel bad for Herbert, but I do hope Chargers continue the trend of never being good enough.
  2. Mediocre QB? What are you talking about lol? He's top 10 in Passing yards, Passing TD, QBR, and completion %. He carried a cruddy Chargers organization for prevented them from being the jags/browns of the last 2 decades. Winning is a team effort. It doesn't always come down to the QB. If a teams losing and a QB's stats are trash, then yes, but Rivers has had only maybe 3 bad years. And what do you mean he's had "plenty" of teams he should have done better with? I've posted this exact thing before, but I'll break it down again: 06 - This was LT's world. He was
  3. I’ve been here this whole time. Even after Browns game. If Oline plays well, Rivers can shred most defenses. 6 TD 1 INT in last 2 games. And really could be 8 TD if not for the tackle at 1 yard line last week and the PI in the end zone today.
  4. Also, it’s funny people are putting super bowl wins out there like it’s just a QB thing. Look up Big Bens 05 SB stats and let me how elite they were.
  5. I always hated the “no success” in the post season as a reason for not being elite. Post season success is a team issue. 06 - First year of playing. LT was having a MVP season. Little was expected of Rivers. Multiple stupid penalties, a fumbled INT, and a missed FG essentially lost that 07 - He played on a torn ACL against a 16-0 patriots team. Can’t really expect anything spectacular 08 - Team was 8-8. They weren’t expected to win the super bowl. He threw 3 TD in the loss to Steelers, but defense and special teams sucked 09 - lost by 3. K
  6. I think the key will be can we shut down the run and hold them to FG's. Mayfield hasn't been that great the last few years, with a lot of INT. And this year he is essentially just game managing while the RB's go off for 150+ yards. I think if our defense can take away the run game and force Mayfield to throw, we'll see some turnovers. Reich might have to let Rivers air it out a little more this week.
  7. To be honest, I’m not concerned with his yardage and TD stats. My biggest focus will by completion % and INT. Colts didn’t bring him on to throw 40 times for 400 yds a game. They brought him to make the plays Jacoby couldn’t. If he finishes the year with a high completion %, low INT, and winning record, that is successful to me.
  8. Bold prediction. Rivers coming off his statistically worse season, looks to shut up the haters. Sets single game TD record with 8 TD. Jags get a few garbage time TD.
  9. Super excited to see what he can do behind this Oline and paired with a solid run game.
  10. yeah unfortunately Top QB’s are always weighed on SB wins, even though it’s a team game with a 53 man roster. Big Ben is credited for winning 2, but we never hear anyone talk about the fact that in the 05 SB he was 9 for 21 123 yds 0 TD and 2 INT
  11. I think with a QB like Rivers, the Oline is more important that who he’s throwing too. In 2010 he threw for 4700 yds 30 TD and 13 INT. Vincent Jackson held out that year, so he was throwing to 2nd - 4th string WR and put up some of his best numbers. This was also behind a bad Oline(allowed 7 sacks in one game).
  12. I get why people are concerned. But from someone who has watched him play every game since 07, he has alway put up solid numbers even with bad Oline. The last time he has a solid Oline was 2009. He’s been playing behind a garbage Oline since 2010, and still putting up top tier numbers. Last year the Oline was plagued with injuries, and awful. Pair that with a 28th ranked run game and you got a recipe for a cruddy QB. I’d imagine him playing behind this Oline, with an actual run game, you are going to see much better stats.
  13. Look at his historical stats. 2019’s Oline was a bag of garbage covered in diarrhea. Any QB would’ve struggled behind them. 10 of his turnovers came in 3 games. He’ll be much better behind that Colts Oline.
  14. First INT was more of a fumble than an INT. Next 2 were alright throws. WR could’ve done a bit more to fight, but still Blame part on rivers. The 4th INT was 100% on him. He threw a jump ball to a 5’9” Ekeler when he has Mike Williams on the team. I’m the biggest Rivers defender, but this was just one of his stupid throws.
  15. As soon as I saw Wentz top 5, I immediately closed the article
  16. LOL, this is the Chargers current Oline. Bulaga and Turner were just signed in FA. Pouncey went on IR early in the season, and Okung was also out most of the season. They had a makeshift Oline of players not even fit to block in High School. Gordon holdout combined with the terrible Oline made for a 28th ranked rushing attack, putting more pressure on Rivers in the passing game, with a constantly crumbling Oline.
  17. NFL Game Pass is free right now. I’d recommend watching his game VS Steelers and Vikings. Oline was so beyond trash the pocket was literally crumbling the second he got the ball. I don’t think any QB would’ve played well behind that Oline.
  18. A lot of outsiders have the wrong opinion on him due to small clips of what they’ve seen. But dude is 100% humble. Year after year Chargers have let him down, and he always has blamed himself for not playing better(he ranks almost top 10 in every major passing category). Defense would give up 30 points and dude would be in the post game conference talking about “we could’ve done more to help the defense out.” I have a feeling Colts fans are gonna love him once they see him in more than just clips of him being angry over a bad play.
  19. Ex- Charger fan here. In 2018 Rivers had a crappy Oline, yet still managed to have an MVP year(would've won MVP had Mahomes not emerged). In 2019, they lost Pouncey and Okung for long periods. That Oline went from bad to trash real quick. The significant increase in INT was due to constant pressure and getting murdered in the pocket. NFL Game Pass is free. I'd encourage you to watch the Steelers game and Vikings game to see how awful that oline was. Or any of the other games for that matter. Rivers is finally getting a few things he hasn't had in forever. Good Co
  20. Posted this before, but Lifelong Chargers fan here. Unfortunately now without a team due to what the Chargers did to SD and Rivers. Been excited to see where he lands for next team. Been lurking this board because for me it is the #1 place I'd like to see him go. I understand without being a fan and watching a team week after week, you can't really grasp how everything went down. All you can rely on is the stats and win/loss column. Now, I could be completely wrong, and maybe last year was a sign of his decline. But as someone who watched every single game multiple
  21. Lifelong Chargers fan here. Unfortunately now without a team due to what the Chargers did to SD and Rivers. Been excited to see where he lands for next team. Been lurking this board because for me it is the #1 place I'd like to see him go. I understand without being a fan and watching a team week after week, you can't really grasp how everything went down. Yes, Rivers has only made one Championship game, but this wasn't due to his lack of play or talent. It's a 52 man team, and you need a team to win. 06 and 07 were his best teams. 06 they lost to Patriots because of a numbe
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