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  1. A - He won his 2nd year B - I hate this phrase “Ben won the super bowl” Ben didn’t win a super bowl, he was gifted a super bowl. He was 9 for 21, 123 yds, no TD and 2 INT. Christopher Reeves would’ve won at QB with that team.
  2. Pressure is on the offense. No more of this conservative 2 runs up the middle playcalling to start. The need to shred up that D from the start and score fast.
  3. Agree. Look at Ben’s 05 super bowl stats. Ryan Leaf wins a super bowl behind that D. If Rivers is drafted by Steelers instead, nothing changes in 05.
  4. Completely agree with that. I know if Rivers retires without a ring, it’s something that will weigh on him. Especially if he doesn’t even at least make a SB. I’d imagine being statistically top 10 of your ERA in most passing categories, but not having a ring would suck.
  5. Although I agree that most great QB should at least win 1, I don’t think it’s a knock on them if they don’t. Football is a true team game, and no one player can carry an entire team. Had the Chargers not #ed up that 06 divisional round, it’s very likely Manning would’ve been a 2 time super bowl loser, with his only win coming at his statistically worst season in which he was carried by an elite D and solid run game. Even then, I don’t think it would change where Manning stands in the rankings of the elite. Eli Manning doesn’t win 2 without that Defense. Big Ben doesn’t win 2 wit
  6. You still didn’t answer the question, how is Jacoby better?
  7. Yep, from 7th ranked attack to the 20’s.
  8. Yep. I believe Rivers takes blame for the first 2 losses, but not all the blame. Elite teams find a way to win even with turnovers. I think this team was set back a little with COVID & lack of pre-season. But I believe with training camp and pre-season, this teams only loss this year would've been Ravens. With the way they are playing now, I don't think they lose the Jags or Browns game. But the defense and offense looked sloppy in those 2 games. I think this team looks significantly better since the Bengals game. As far as the Ravens game, Rivers threw an INT that shift
  9. Just curious how Jacoby is better? Jacoby 2019 #’s - 196 YPG, 1.2 TD avg Rivers 2020 #’s - 268 YPG, 1.4 TD avg Rivers has more INT than Jacoby, and they did affect the 3 losses, but you throw Jacoby in the Jags/Browns/Ravens game and I don’t see those turn into wins. In addition to that, Jacoby probably doesn’t bring you back from a 21 point deficit or 14 point deficit. Rivers isn’t playing at the top level of QB’s this year, but I see him as an upgrade to the offense.
  10. If Rivers controls ball and limits bad turnovers like he has been, I think we win out. Our D is good enough to stop any of those offenses. And Steelers are the only remaining team on the schedule with a solid D. So, if the offense is firing like they have the last 2 weeks, we can’t beat every team left on the schedule.
  11. As much as I hate Eli Manning, and think it was a b**** move to refuse to play for Chargers, he ultimately made the right choice doing it. Had he stuck with Chargers, he’d go down as a mediocre QB with no rings. There are many people who don’t consider Rivers elite and his stats are far better than Eli. Rivers carried the Chargers for years and I don’t think Eli does that. Imagine Eli’s stats combined with a whole bunch of Charger losses.
  12. lol, y’all arguing over top 20/30 of all time, yet his stats for TD, Yards, completion %, and QBR put him top 10
  13. offense is great. Same as always under Rodgers. The problem is the same as always, the defense. I don’t trust that defense is good enough to them to super bowl. I feel Rodgers could be a multi super bowl champ and contention for GOAT, if Packers knew how to build a defense. He’s got huge yards, large TD numbers, very low INT, and is #1 in all time passer rating. But he’s only had a top 10 D 3 years - 19, 10, & 09. 19 was a fluke due to easy schedule. I feel they weren’t as good as their record. 10 they won a super bowl. And 09 although the D was ranked
  14. Everyone salivates over what this team would look like with a Mahomes type behind center, but don’t realize, out of 32 teams only a few teams have that elite level. They’re not easy to come by.
  15. If they make the AFCCG, but lose, they’ll definitely move on and go with Jacoby
  16. Packers W Titans W Texans W Raiders W Texans W Steelers L Jaguars W 12-4, finish #3 Seed Get revenge on Steelers in divisional round. Knock out KC in AFCCG on our way to SB.
  17. I still don’t understand the not trusting Rivers. In 9 games, he had 2 bad game INT wise(Jags, Browns). In the Ravens game, the throw was a bad throw, but shouldn’t have been called a INT. I get people are worried because of last year, but last year was different. He was having 3 & even 4 INT games. He seems to be playing better than last year, aside from the terrible pick 6 in the browns game & the INT into double coverage in the Jags game. I think it just stands out a lot because they both are losses. QBs are going to have INT, unless they’re named Mahomes
  18. Agree this team would be a monster with a QB like Mahomes, and really needs to find a good replacement for Rivers. With that being said I don’t think they’re not capable of a super bowl with Rivers. If Rivers can play smart football in Dec/Jan, the team is very capable. I also think if the offensive play calling could smarten up a little bit. I think the problem is, so far all we see is the Browns and Ravens game. Let’s see how Rivers and the offense plays these next 3 games.
  19. of course every team has lost, but none of the elite teams - KC, Ravens, Seahawks, Saints - have lost like that. Obviously we won’t agree, but I see GB as the same team they were last year. Great record due to weak schedule, but not a team I see poised for a super bowl run.
  20. they had both Adams and Jones for that 38-10 beat down they took from the Bucs
  21. Titans D is ranked 19 in PPG, Packers are Ranked 16th. We just shredded titans D, and Packers aren’t much better. I think with some good playcalling we’ll move the ball up and down the field. on the other side, we are ranked 3rd in PPG on D. Bucs are ranked 9th in PPG and shut Rodgers down. I think our D is better than Bucs. I can see the colts winning this one easily
  22. Agree. People act like if Colts don’t win a super bowl, then signing Rivers was a mistake. But people don’t realize winning a super bowl is rare, if your team isn’t named the Patriots. Brees has been tearing it up since 06 & only has one ring to show. Rodgers has been tearing it up since 08 & only has one ring to show. Even Elway had 3 super bowl blowouts before his defense and the best RB in the league helped him win back to back. Even with elite QB’s it still takes a lot of pieces to be super bowl caliber. I’ll be happy watching colts ma
  23. Correct. Because we all know if a team loses to a good team in the regular season, there is no possible way for them to win in the playoffs. The Ravens loss pretty much sealed the deal. Colts might as well throw the rest of the season and shoot for the higher draft pick. Also, check out Big Ben's stats from the 05 Super bowl. He had 0.0000% to do with that win. Christopher Reeve's could've won that super bowl at QB. And even in 08, although he played well, James Harrison had a game shifting 100 yd INT for a TD that completely changed things. And for Eli, the defen
  24. There are a lot of great things about Rivers, but running isn’t one of them, lol. I’ve watched every game since he’s started and I think I’ve seen him complete maybe 3 passes on the run. I wish I was joking....
  25. *was a Chargers fan They are dead to me now, and every week when they lose a close 1 score game while Herbert plays out of his mind good, brings joy to my heart. Because it just shows Rivers wasn’t the problem there.
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