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  1. Yeah I love the narrative of “defenses know how to play us because they know Rivers can’t run. Yeah, defenses sure shut down Manning knowing he didn’t have the ability to run. Also, we must’ve got lucky 10 of the games this year with the defenses capitalizing on playing against an immobile QB
  2. you left out the best part - Chargers got in at 8-8. Although I don’t feel bad because they throttled the Pats in the regular season so you couldn’t make the argument that Pats were the better team. And Chargers at least knocked off thr 12-4 Colts in the wild card round.
  3. “Can’t throw downfield” he’s made plenty of downfield throws this year. He had a 42 YD TD on Sunday
  4. Both Burrow and Herbert have tore it up this year and we’re still taking L after L and finishing near bottom of the league. A QB is one of the most important components of a team, but they are still not able to carry a complete garbage team. Even if Jags get Lawrence the team will need work.
  5. I always get annoyed with this thinking. Lawrence may be good, he may even be great, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the Jags are an absolute s*** show of a franchise. They’ve had 1 good team since 06. Just because they get Lawrence doesn’t mean colts are doomed. We still have the overall better team. Put Mahomes on the Jags this year and they’re still not contending.
  6. If we lose to jags next week, who cares about playoffs, because we’re not contending at that point
  7. “Yeah Rivers threw 5 TD, but what happens when we face a team like KC who can throw 6 TD”
  8. Yeah. He was to blame for the loss, as both his INT lead to points. But there were also other factors. Like the stupid Hines up the gut on 4th and 1. And the D letting Minshew be next to perfect. That game should’ve been won.
  9. Yep, 18/4 67% completion and 103 QBR in 9 games. Not sure what more people want?
  10. I find it funny people are still saying this team can’t win a SB with Rivers. It’s almost like people think a team needs a Mahomes out there throwing 50+ TD a year. This defense can be good enough to stop any offense. And Rivers has been on fire lately. If you look at his stats from Cincy - current, there’s not many QB playing much better then him. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This offense night/day changed after the browns loss. I don’t know what clicked, but they started finding rhythm. I feel with a full training camp and pre-season for the team to synchron
  11. The 2nd * game isn’t acknowledged. 3 key offensive players and 3 key defensive players out. Game should’ve been rescheduled
  12. To be honest, I’ve been waiting all year for the mental breakdown game where he throws 4 INT. I thought that during Cincy game, and then again during GB, and then again during titans 2nd game. I’m fully convinced his INT last year were just a lack of confidence in a trash organization like chargers. He tossed the ball up knowing that it was the only hope of staying in the game because his coach and defense was garbage.
  13. I really hope he comes back next year. I feel the offense will be much better. And I feel if Mack is healthy the run game will be top 10 with the JT/Mack 1-2 punch
  14. I think a lot of people are looking at Rivers from a full year stand point, but to me, I feel he found his stride in the Cincy game. I think Covid held back offense from meshing early on. I feel if Rivers had a full training camp we’d be seeing 30+ TD and about 5-7 INT by year end.
  15. I mean, honestly, the key to the game is scoring more points than the Steelers by the end of the 4th quarter.
  16. I’m not too worried anymore. I was skeptical of them after they barely beat Cowboys and 3rd string Ravens. Now they’ve lose to WFT and Findlay lead Bengals. If you look at their schedule it’s weak. Not saying they’re not good, but they’re definitely a very beatable team. Ben looked like % tonight, meanwhile Rivers has been playing clutch.
  17. 9-0. houston gets a safety, and then Rivers puts the game away with 2 min in the 4th with a 15 yard rushing TD.
  18. The Miami game gave me strong hope. Our offense is way better than Miami. If the D can force Mahomes into a bad game, and the offense can actually capitalize, we’d have a shot.
  19. Yeah I find the “I hope we don’t have to face XXX team first” is funny. Because honestly there is no weak AFC team and every game is going to be tough. But I say bring on whoever, because if we’re going to go to the super bowl, we’re going to have to be able to win tough ones on the road.
  20. I really hope Colts bring him back for one more year. I feel he’s starting to mesh well with offense. 18 TD and 4 INT since browns loss, which I wholly feel the slow start was due to COVID ruining training camp and pre-season. With the way he’s been playing since Cincy he would’ve been on pace for about 32 TD 7 INT. I feel if COVID clears up and a full training camp is possible, the offense can come back stronger next year.
  21. He seems like a good dude. lost his job but still wants team to win. Meanwhile Wentz looking angry on the bench while Hurtz is playing well.
  22. You left out 13 - Defense couldn’t make a stop on 3rd and 18
  23. People like that really have no idea what they’re talking about.
  24. All joking aside, I think Rivers sticks around for another year even if they win a SB. I think he’s starting to mesh well with the offense and probably knows they’d come back stronger next year pending the COVID stuff goes away. Strange to think he’d retire before Brady & Brees.
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