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  1. 7 hours ago, Indyfan4life said:

    Because Rivers plays defense, special teams, running back and WR, right? So many years his team failed him. That's not really his fault.

    People who have never actually watched him think this way.  Terrible defenses & terrible run games since 2010.  Terrible coaches. 

    06 - Mcree fumbled a game ending INT

     07 - Torn ACL against a 16-0 team

    08 - an 8-8 team that knocked off the 12-4 colts

    09 - Kaeding missed 3 * FG

    13 - coach calls nothing but running plays against the most high powered offense in the NFL.  Rivers gets them within 7.  Defense let’s Manning convert a 3rd and 18

    18 - Defense allows 35 points in first half

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  2. 13 hours ago, Thebrashandthebold said:

    I watched him and he was a fence post out there that couldn't move at all. He has always put up numbers but he never won anything. We went 11-5 in spite of Rivers not because of him. We lost to Buffalo because we were completely outcoached. I will agree Rivers was better than I thought but he was nothing like Brady was for Tampa Bay....

    Brady was throwing to Evan’s, Godwin, AB, and Gronk.  Arguably the best WR weapons in the NFL.  Who was Rivers throwing to?

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  3. 8 hours ago, chad72 said:

    Sheriff brought us back in several games. Luck had a comeback in Cleveland too, if I remember. With all the young gun QBs in the AFC, Rivers' pattern of starting slow in most years (even in his prime) will catch up and the Colts will never get a top seed in the AFC, I am afraid.


    Rivers fell short vs good playoff teams - Cleveland, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and eventually the Bills. I was looking for that 1, just 1 comeback against those good teams and it did not happen. INT vs Browns trying to come back, INT vs Ravens to Peters (throwing into double coverage) trying to come back, INT throwing it with 6 minutes to go (even if Frank called the play, Philip shouldn't have thrown it into double/triple coverage) vs Steelers trying to come back. Only signature win was against the Titans on the road on a short week.


    With Philip, I am afraid it will always be a case of yeah but...


    Yeah, I didn't throw an INT or win the game but I kept it close enough...


    Yeah, I did finish 11-5 but I did not do enough to win the division...


    I don't know what the best answer is. I think with Rivers, our ceiling is limited but without many other options, his ceiling might be the best we can hope for right now and double down on all the supporting cast needs for one last run, I guess. It is not like our D was filled with world beaters. You can count on one hand, the number of play makers on offense and defense we truly have. 


    Luck is NOT walking through that door, let us be realistic.

    I hate to be the one to tell you this, but QB’s do throw INT.  It happens, even to the best of them.  Good teams still overcome that.  Rivers didn’t throw any more INT than a majority of the playoff QB.  And if you want to bring Luck into it, he had more INT than TD in the playoffs.  And if you want to break it down to playoff losses, Luck had 3 TD compared to 7 INT.  Not exactly the epitome of clutch. 

    The browns game I’ll put on Rivers.  A costly pick 6 made it hard to mount a comeback.  

    The Ravens game wasn’t lost just because of his INT.  

    The Steelers game was lost because of coaching.  Yeah he threw an INT, but he also put up 24 points in the first half with the offense.  They didn’t lose that game because he threw an INT.  

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  4. On 1/11/2021 at 12:10 PM, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    We won't debate this but I wouldn't, give me Rivers and D.Henry all day.

    Same.  Rivers carried a terrible Chargers franchise for years.  He played extremely well in all but maybe 2 seasons.  LT sucked after 2007 and the Oline sucked after 2009, yet he was still able to perform extremely well.  If Rivers had a Henry type RB during his prime years, the Chargers would’ve been significantly better. 

    Tannehill was garbage until he moved to Titans and revamped his career.  And now he’s got the best RB in the league tearing it up which opens up a lot for the passing game. 

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  5. Born and raised in SD.  Was always a Chargers fan.  Watched almost all of Rivers games.  I hated the move to LA, but at that point I’d been so invested in Rivers I couldn’t walk away.  When Chargers let him walk I bailed on them and decided to be a fan of whichever team he landed(with huge hopes he’d be a colt).  

    I said to myself if he finally got his ring with Colts, they’d hold a spot in my heart and I’d continue being a fan.   Although that didn’t happen, watching this year has made me grow to like the team as a whole.  

    I live in AZ now, so decided to dual fan it this year with AZ and Indy.  Was very happy how this season turned out, even though it wasn’t exactly what I hoped. I really hope he comes back next year, but if not, I can see myself still watching the team to see how they move on from him.  

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  6. 6 hours ago, DoubleE Colt said:

    I don't overly get this worry about our schedule next season yet....a lot can happen to all teams but even if we take things as equal for this season then the Jags are more away than Trevor Lawrence from competing, the Texans are a mess at the moment with loads of holes to fill and the Titans are the same level as us but have also to play the Steelers, the Chiefs and probably the Saints next season that we don't. As the NFC East shows you only have to beat 3 others teams by season end to reach the play offs. I understand getting to the play offs is a long way from competing for a Superbowl but look at it this way even if you believe Rivers is just average we've shown we can compete with the best with an average QB.  Personally I'm not sold on Darnold and Wentz and Wentz will cost an arm and a leg unless something is worked out with his contract. Dax will just get tagged again I assume. The only QB I'd go all in for is Stafford if I'm honest, he could be awesome behind our online. 

    I don’t really think Rivers played average.  I think a lot of people jump to that because of stats.  His TD weren’t that high, but we also had a well balanced team and a D that wasn’t giving up an insane amount of points.  I think had the D been garbage this year and Colts had to rely on Rivers, we’d see a lot more TD.

    I think COVID also really stunted the offense early on.  With the injuries, we had JT and Pittman out there with no camp or preseason.  I feel the Cincy game is when things started clicking.  And if you avg Rivers stats since the Cincy game you’re looking at 29 TD and 9 INT for a full 16 games of the offense playing how it did. 

    I think if the team can somehow miraculously get Dak or Watson(highly unlikely), then move on.  But I think the team is still capable of winning a SB under Rivers.   The biggest hole in the team this year was play calling.  That can be easily fixed.  

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  7. On 1/8/2021 at 7:59 AM, DontEverGiveUp said:

    You have stated the Chargers went 3-13 last year multiple times, and you have been corrected multiple times.  I'm not sure why you keep posting that.


    Also, Rivers is nowhere near the washed up level that Peyton was in his final season.  Peyton could not physically make the throws anymore.  I suggest you go back and watch the highlights (lowlights) of that season.  It was ugly.  In 10 games he had 59.8% completion, 9 TDs, 17 INTs, and a 67.9 passer rating.

    Yeah, Manning had an injury that season and never was 100% after it.  Highly unlikely rivers goes from extremely accurate to 17 INT in the span of an offseason. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    With better coaching, he would have beat the #2 team on the road. 


    He had a better QBR than Allen..... 


    It's just intellectually dishonest to look at this game, on the road, and act like Rivers doesn't have what it takes. Allen had better coaching, and better WRs, and still almost lost at home.

    yeah it’s crazy people say Rivers can’t take them to the SB.  Some bad coaching lead to a deficit.  And some bad coaching cost us 2 timeouts which would’ve made that final drive much different.  

    He was very close to beating one of the best teams in the NFL on the road.  If they won, they had a big chance at dethroning KC and any other team they faced. 

    I hope he comes back with a full offseason and preseason and JT and Pittman in year 2.  I think the offense will be even better. 

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  9. On 1/5/2021 at 10:17 AM, Colts Fan in Arizona said:

    Great that you believe in Rivers.

    I have not been a fan and I have expressed it many times.

    I want a Super Bowl Victory!

    All the stats and comparisons fans have made about Rivers now should mean something towards winning the big game.

    I have also wrote that if our Colts make it to the Super Bowl that we will win it!

    Do you believe we can win the Super Bowl?

    Enough of the toe tale. What QB isn’t playing with an injury?

    Every player that steps on the field needs to do their job even better. And that goes for the coaches.

    Our game with the Bills will be the first big challenge to show Championship Status.

    I will say this to each Colts player and staff... play for yourself like never before so that you can look back and say you did your best...win or lose.

    Then we can remember that our Colts team had a great season in 2020.

    The only game I could see this season was against the Steelers...I learned that I am a True Colts Fan because I watched it to the end...and then I felt that I can be a better fan for next year no matter who is our QB is.

    Someday, I will go to Indy and watch a game with my family.

    I am blessed with my first grandchild. I will do my best to

    make him a Colts fan instead of  the team that plays here in Az.

    We can beat everyone that stands in our way of the Super Bowl...Go Colts... Be Hungrier...

    Eat Lightning and Crap Thunder!

    Winner Goes On!

    Go For It!





    You do realize only 1 of 32 teams wins the super bowl each year and it’s a pretty hard feat to accomplish?  Colts had 13 seasons with one of the best QBs to ever play and had 1 SB win to show.  

    11-5 with a playoff appearance after a 7-9 season is a good improvement.  

    im not sure if Rivers will be back, but if he is, the offense will be much better with a full offseason and preseason

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  10. 36 minutes ago, horseshoecrabs said:

    The Bills are hungry, on a role, in the playoffs for the first time in decades, playing at home and an outdoor team. I got to tell you the scenario doesn't look good for us, But on the bright side ,we made it to the playoffs the score is 0 to 0 and I still will be cheering them on ! GO COLTS!

    I don’t get where people keep getting the “Bills first time In playoffs in decades”


    I’ve heard that multiple times. 


    They went in 17 and 19 lol

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  11. 5 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    Way too much below, but summarized a decent amount for the lazy and non-stat heads. Enjoy.




    TLDR Summary 


    Bills Defense
    Decent overall, but not great in any facet. No player with over 5 sacks. They blitz at a top 10 rate yet only yeild an average sack %. They do get a fair amount of INTs, but no DB has the lion's share. White is very good CB and is headed to the PB along with Edmunds (LB). Vs the run, they did a good job of limiting Henry, but Tannehill threw 3 TDs against them. IIRC, they really sold out vs the run that game. NE rushed well against them both games. AZ also ran very well against them.


    Bills Offense 
    Great passing attack. Allen can deal it around, but he has two favs (Diggs and Beasley). One of the best WR units in the NFL for sure. They don't throw to TE or RB too much, and Allen can hurt you long or short. Diggs oblique injury could be huge. He said he was OK yesterday after missing Wendesday practice (he was LP Tuesday), but obliques can be tricky. Beasley, their WR2 missed last week's game, and was a DNP again Tuesday. Not too worried about the running game. Decent, but it's set up by the pass. They haven't had a 100 yard rusher all year in any games. Allen was the leading rusher 4 times...


    Bills Special Teams
    Roberts (Pro Bowl selection) and McKenzie are both electric as returners. Roberts has had achilles and back injuries lately, and McKenzie is on this week's injury report. Either can take it to the house at any time though. McKenzie took it to the house just last weekend.



    Keys to the game on defense
    Keep Allen under 300. All three losses have that in common. Allen will kill you long or short if you play too soft. I'm sure we'll play a decent amount of C2 zone to limit the deep stuff (which he's very good at), but if we give too much cushion, it could be a death sentence. IMO, Flus will have to gamble more this game. Blitz more, and play tighter zone and some man. Allen is 4th best completion % with a clean pocket, but drops to average when pressured. He also has one of the highest time to throws. We don't have to worry much about their run, so gambling a bit on pass D should be doable. If Diggs is at full force, that will limit their entire passing game IMO. If they are without Beasley, their short game will be impacted. McKenzie, also hobled now, caught 2 TDs in his place last week. Davis is their only WR taller than 6ft, but Allen loves all his short speedy guys. Need to be physical with these small WRs at the line and take them off their timing. If you let them get clean breaks from a ton of cushion, I just don't like our chances. It's also worth noting that Allen laid an egg vs a very bad pass D last year in the Wildcard (Houston's pass D was 29th).

    Key to the game on offense
    Balance is key. Bills are only 2-2 vs top 10 total Os. They are very good vs one dimentional passing Os, and OK vs teams with one dimentional rushing Os. They play mostly nickel (4-2-5) so Taylor should have success. They limited Henry, but Tannehill burned them for selling out. We need to do the same. Only one of their DBs is over 6 foot. Only one of the LBs (Edumunds) is over 6-1. Kill them with size, and give MAC, Pittman, and Doyle a good share of targets. They are good limiting deep shots, but we should be able to be successful short to intermediate. A deep shot or two should be early/timely and keep them from selling out too much. Send a speedy WR or Hines on a go route on 1st down or second and short to keep them on their heels. They blitz at a top 10 rate, so screens should be dialed up regularly. Mario Addison is a weakspot (DE), so I'd love to see both Hines and Taylor hit his edge. Both RBs should have success catching too. Hughes, their best DE, is the only DL that grades out well via PFF. I expect Taylor to do well rushing the interior, but Edmunds at MLB likely won't allow many long breaks.



    Bills Pro Bowlers (*starter)
    Allen QB
    Diggs* WR
    Edmunds LB
    White* CB
    Roberts* Returns



    Injury Report (starters)


    Diggs WR1 (oblique) - LP/DNP/LP - Questionable
    Beasley WR2 (knee) - DNP/DNP/LP - Questionable
    McKenzie WR/RS (Ankle) - LP/LP/FP - 
    Feliciano RG (knee) - FP/FP/FP


    Buckner (ankle) - DNP/DNP/LP - Questionable
    Holden (ankel) - DNP/DNP/DNP - Out
    RYS (concussion) - DNP/DNP/DNP - Out
    Carrie (ankle/shoulder) - LP/FP/FP - 
    Taylor (shoulder) - LP/LP/LP -
    Willis (concussion) - FP/FP/FP



    Unit Ranks and Team Stats - Colts

    Total Yardage - 10th (378.1 ypg)
    Total Points - 9th (28.2)
    DVOA - 12th
    FPI - 12th
    Passing Yardage - 11th (253.3 pg)
    Rushing Yardage - 11th (124.8 pg)
    Rushing Attempts - 10th (28.7)
    3rd Down % - 22nd (39.6%)
    Red Zone % (TD) - 18th
    Sack % - 3rd (3.7%)
    INT % (best) - 14th (1.99%)
    Time of Possession - 10th (30:58)
    Run/Pass % - 44.5/55.5 (25th most passing)
    Yards per Completion - 11th (10.9)
    Yards per Attempt - 9th (7.3)
    Time to Throw - 6th 2.52 secs (lowest)
    OL Rank (PFF) - 7th


    Total Yardage - 8th (332.1 pg)
    Total Points - 10th (22.6 pg)
    DVOA - 7th
    FPI - 12th
    Passing Yardage - 20th (241.6 pg)
    Rushing Yardage - 2nd (90.5 pg)
    3rd Down % - 19th (42.4%)
    Red Zone % - 15th (61.5%)
    Sack % - 11th (6.6%)
    INT % - 8th (2.67%)
    Blitz % - 31st (17.1%)
    Pressure % - 13th (23.1%)
    AVG Passer Rating Allowed - 12th (90.5)
    Takeaways per Game - Tie 3rd (1.6 pg)


    Misc & STs
    SoS - 32nd
    Total DVOA - 10th
    Total FPI - 9th
    ST DVOA - 10th
    ST FPI - 8th
    Non-Offesnive TDs per Game - 1st 0.4 pg
    FG Attempts per Game - 4th (2.3)
    FG Conversion - 14th (86.5%)
    Punts per Game (most) - Tie 26th (3.1)
    Punts Net Yard AVG - Tie 22nd (39.6)
    Penalties per Game (least) - 19th (5.9)

    Opponent Penalties per Game (most) - Tie 18th (5.4)



     Unit Ranks and Team Stats - Bills


    Total Yardage - 2nd (396.4 ypg)
    Total Points - 2nd (31.3)
    DVOA - 5th
    FPI - 4th
    Passing Yardage - 3rd (288.8 pg)
    Rushing Yardage - 20th (107.7 pg)
    Rushing Attempts - 17th (25.7)
    3rd Down % - 1st (49.7%)
    Red Zone % (TD) - 13th
    Sack % - 7th (4.3%)
    INT % (best) - 11th (1.85%)
    Time of Possession - 3rd (31:45)
    Run/Pass % - 39.75/60.25 (13th most passing)
    Yards per Completion - 7th (11.3)
    Yards per Attempt - 4th (7.8)
    Time to Throw - 39th (3.04 secs)
    OL Rank (PFF) - 10th


    Total Yardage - 14th (352.5 pg)
    Total Points - 16th (23.4 pg)
    DVOA - 12th
    FPI - 6th
    Passing Yardage - 13th (232.9 pg)
    Rushing Yardage - 17th (119.6 pg)
    3rd Down % - 13th (39.8%)
    Red Zone % - 28th (65.5%)
    Sack % - 14th (6.2%)
    INT % - 9th (2.67%)
    Blitz % - 8th (35.8%)
    Pressure % - 23rd (21%)
    AVG Passer Rating Allowed - 5th (86.9)
    Takeaways per Game - Tie 3rd (1.6 pg)


    Misc & STs
    SoS - 20th
    Total DVOA - 4th
    Total FPI - 2nd
    ST DVOA - 4th
    ST FPI - 5th
    Non-Offesnive TDs per Game - Tied (2nd-13th) 0.2 pg
    FG Attempts per Game - 10th (2.1)
    FG Conversion - 17th (82.4%)
    Punts per Game (most) - 32nd (2.6)
    Punts Net Yard AVG - 5th (44.0)
    Penalties per Game (least) - 27th (6.4)
    Opponent Penalties per Game (most) - Tie 18th (5.4)



    vs Same Opponents
    Buffalo (Colts)
    NYJ: W 27-17 / @W 18-10 (W 36-7)
    @LVR: W 30-23 (@ W 44-27)
    @TN: L 42-16 (@ W 34-17 / L 45-26)
    PS: W 26-15 (@ L 28-24)


    Note - We did as well or better vs every common opponent except Pitt, which was home for them, road for us, and we should have beaten....


    Schedule vs Top 10s

    vs Top 10 Total Os
    Colts - 5 (4-1)
    Bills - 4 (2-2)
    vs Top 10 Passing Os
    Colts - 5 (5-0)
    Bills - 3 (2-1)
    vs Top 10 Rushing Os
    Colts - 6 (3-3)
    Bills - 5 (3-2)


    vs Top 10 Total Ds
    Colts - 3 (1-2)
    Bills - 3 (3-0)
    vs Top 10 Passing Ds
    Colts - 3 (1-2)
    Bills - 7 (6-1)
    vs Top 10 Rushing Ds
    Colts - 2 (0-2)
    Bills - 2 (2-0)


    Notes on Schedule
    Colts - We're better playing against good Os, than good Ds. Colts are 4-1 vs top 10 Os, and 5-0 vs top 10 passing Os.
    Bills - Bills have been great vs good Ds, but about average vs top 10 Os. 


    Notable Individual Personnel 


    Rivers QB
    -Passing Yards - 10th
    -Completion % - 8th
    - Passer rating - 13th
    - Deep ball attempts - 18th
    - Air yards - 14th
    - Money throws - 18th
    - Danger plays - 17th
    - Interceptable passes - 7th
    - Accuracy rating - 7th
    - True completion % - 2nd
    - Deep ball completion % - 8th
    - Pressured completion % - 6th
    - Dropped passes - 28th (14)
    Taylor RB1
    - Rushing yards - 3rd
    - Rushing AVG - 10th
    - Catch % - 1st
    Hines APB1/PR
    - Recv Yards - 93rd (all positions)
    - Catch % - 8th
    - PR AVG - 8th
    Hilton WR1
    - Recv Yards - 43rd
    - YPC - 34th
    Pascal WR2
    - Recv Yards  - 66th
    - YPC - 22nd
    Pittman WR3 
    - Recv Yards - 89th
    - YPC - 55th
    - YAC per catch - 6th
    MAC TE2
    - YPC - 51st
    - Catch % - 17th
    Rodgers DB/R
    - KO Return AVG - 3rd
    Blankenship K
    - FG % - 21st
    Sanchez P
    - Yards per Punt - 15th
    Leonard WILL
    - Tackles - 8th
    - TFL - 66th
    - PDs - 65th
    - FFs - 14th
    Walker - MIKE
    - Tackles - 51st
    Wills SS
    - Tackles - 70th
    - INTs - 41st
    Moore NB
    - Tackles - 79th
    - PDs - 17th
    - INTs - 7th
    Okereke MIKE/SAM
    - Tackles - 98th
    Buckner 3T
    - Sacks - 11th
    - TFL - 27th
    - FFs - 34th
    Houston DE
    - Sacks - 21st 
    - TFL - 48th
    Autry DE
    - Sacks - 27th
    - TFL - 37th
    Rhodes CB
    - PDs - 17th
    - INTs - 41st
    Carrie CB
    - PDs - 51st
    - INTs - 41st
    RYS CB
    - PDs - 65th
    Blackmon S
    -INTs - 41st
    Odum - S/STs
    - STs Tackles - 1st

    Allen QB 
    - Total passing yards - 5th
    - Completions % - 4th
    - Passer Rating - 4th
    - Fumbles (most) - 6th
    - Totals TDs - 2nd
    - Money throws - 4th
    - Danger plays - 2nd
    - Air Yards - 3rd
    - Interceptable passes - 8th
    - Deep ball attempts - 6th
    - Passing TDs - 5th
    - Accuraccy rating - 17th
    - RZ completion % - 21st
    - Deep Ball completion % - 9th
    - Pressured completion % - 14th
    - Clean pocket completion % - 4th
    - QB carries per game - 5th
    - Dropped passes - 16th (19)
    Singletary RB1
    -Rushing Yards - 25th
    - Rushing AVG - 28th
    - Catch % - 31st
    Diggs WR1
    - Recv Yards - 1st
    - YPC - 64th
    - Catch % - 28th
    - Drops - 12th
    Beasley WR2
    - Recv Yards - 23rd
    - YPC - 73rd
    - Catch % - 26th
    Davis WR3
    - Recv Yards - 75th
    - YPC - 4th
    Brown WR4
    - Recv Yards - 97th
    - YPC - 28th
    McKenzie WR5/R
    - Catch % - 3rd
    Robers WR/R
    - KO Return AVG - 1st
    - PR AVG - 9th
    - Fumbles - 39th
    Knox TE
    - YAC per catch - 4th
    Bass - K
    - FG % - 25th
    Bojorquez - P
    - Yards per Punt - 1st
    Edmunds LB
    - Tackles - 14th
    Poyer S
    - Tackles - 16th
    - INTs - 41st
    - FFs - 34th
    Johnson CB
    - Tackles - 49th
    - PDs - 65th
    Klein LB
    - Tackles - 96th
    - FFs - 34th
    White CB
    - PDs - 24th
    - INTs - 16th
    Wallas CB
    - PDs 51st
    - INTs - 41st
    Marlowe S
    - INTs - 41st


    Listen man, I’m too drunk to read this all.  Are we gonna win or not?

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  12. 44 minutes ago, CoachKjr said:

    That was not his last playoff game, he won that game.  Then the following week in N.E. he outscored the S.B. Champs 21-6 in the 2nd half with 331 yards passing and 3 t.d.s unfortunately for the Chargers Gus Bradley's D got eaten alive in the 1st half with no adjustments until the 2nd half.

    Coaching absolutely ruined his shot at a SB that year.  Bradley got absolutely shredded on D and made zero adjustments. 

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  13. 12 hours ago, aaron11 said:

    there isnt much reason to pick the colts here unless you are a homer or have to make an upset pick.  its a 2 vs 7 seed, colts can win but they are favored for a reason 

    It’s a 3 loss team VS a 5 loss team(with 1 loss being due to 3 key players with COVID).  Not really a huge difference between them as far as standings go.  

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  14. 17 minutes ago, csmopar said:

    So can we cut him now? I mean he’s for sure a bust. 



    He doesn’t have vision.  Can’t find holes.  Should cut him and draft someone else. 

    1 minute ago, GoColts8818 said:

    Which is why I think the Colts are going left tackle in the first round of the draft unless the Colts think they have the franchise QB starring them in the face which is unlikely based on where they will pick.  

    Yeah, can’t think of many Franchise QB drafted at pick 32

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  15. 9 hours ago, PaulSTL said:


    Source please?

    We don’t need sources.  Watch:


    In every Rivers loss of his career, he has thrown at least 3 INT and fumbled at least 2x.  Meanwhile his defense has held opposing offense to 3 points.  

    proof rivers is trash and not clutch. 

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  16. 4 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I was about to say that, we dominated them, actually toyed with them in the 1st half. That showed me a lot.

    Defense crumbling aside, if we just ran the damn ball that probably stays a blowout.  Rivers and Co handled biz in the 1st half.  Just shoulda been handing off to JT the rest of the game.  

    It is what it is.  We now go into the playoffs and go on a 2010 Packers run.  

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  17. 4 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    If we get in we are going to win it all, I am calling it now and I am not even drinking yet lmao 


    That Pitts game showed how dominant we CAN be.  We did partially get effed by refs with that nonsense block in the back on the Hines 60 yard catch.  And then the multiple PI and lack of PI for us.  But essentially D broke down. 

    But good teams usually turn it around and strive in playoffs.  Hopefully we’re that team

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