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  1. People who have never actually watched him think this way. Terrible defenses & terrible run games since 2010. Terrible coaches. 06 - Mcree fumbled a game ending INT 07 - Torn ACL against a 16-0 team 08 - an 8-8 team that knocked off the 12-4 colts 09 - Kaeding missed 3 * FG 13 - coach calls nothing but running plays against the most high powered offense in the NFL. Rivers gets them within 7. Defense let’s Manning convert a 3rd and 18 18 - Defense allows 35 points in first half
  2. Brady was throwing to Evan’s, Godwin, AB, and Gronk. Arguably the best WR weapons in the NFL. Who was Rivers throwing to?
  3. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but QB’s do throw INT. It happens, even to the best of them. Good teams still overcome that. Rivers didn’t throw any more INT than a majority of the playoff QB. And if you want to bring Luck into it, he had more INT than TD in the playoffs. And if you want to break it down to playoff losses, Luck had 3 TD compared to 7 INT. Not exactly the epitome of clutch. The browns game I’ll put on Rivers. A costly pick 6 made it hard to mount a comeback. The Ravens game wasn’t lost just because of his INT. The Steelers game was
  4. Lol. Just like someone said above. If the Defense forced 4 turnovers, we would’ve destroyed the Bills. in addition to that, Brady is also throwing to Evan’s, Godwin, Brown, and Gronk Rivers had Pittman out for a chunk, TY non-existent first half of season.
  5. Same. Rivers carried a terrible Chargers franchise for years. He played extremely well in all but maybe 2 seasons. LT sucked after 2007 and the Oline sucked after 2009, yet he was still able to perform extremely well. If Rivers had a Henry type RB during his prime years, the Chargers would’ve been significantly better. Tannehill was garbage until he moved to Titans and revamped his career. And now he’s got the best RB in the league tearing it up which opens up a lot for the passing game.
  6. Born and raised in SD. Was always a Chargers fan. Watched almost all of Rivers games. I hated the move to LA, but at that point I’d been so invested in Rivers I couldn’t walk away. When Chargers let him walk I bailed on them and decided to be a fan of whichever team he landed(with huge hopes he’d be a colt). I said to myself if he finally got his ring with Colts, they’d hold a spot in my heart and I’d continue being a fan. Although that didn’t happen, watching this year has made me grow to like the team as a whole. I live in AZ now, so decided to dual fan it this ye
  7. Who let AJ Smith create an account in the Colts forum? This post has some 2006 Chargers vibes going on.
  8. I don’t really think Rivers played average. I think a lot of people jump to that because of stats. His TD weren’t that high, but we also had a well balanced team and a D that wasn’t giving up an insane amount of points. I think had the D been garbage this year and Colts had to rely on Rivers, we’d see a lot more TD. I think COVID also really stunted the offense early on. With the injuries, we had JT and Pittman out there with no camp or preseason. I feel the Cincy game is when things started clicking. And if you avg Rivers stats since the Cincy game you’re looking at 29 TD and 9
  9. Drops and play calling. Rivers was playing stellar and the red zone play calling was weak and predictable.
  10. Yeah, Manning had an injury that season and never was 100% after it. Highly unlikely rivers goes from extremely accurate to 17 INT in the span of an offseason.
  11. yeah it’s crazy people say Rivers can’t take them to the SB. Some bad coaching lead to a deficit. And some bad coaching cost us 2 timeouts which would’ve made that final drive much different. He was very close to beating one of the best teams in the NFL on the road. If they won, they had a big chance at dethroning KC and any other team they faced. I hope he comes back with a full offseason and preseason and JT and Pittman in year 2. I think the offense will be even better.
  12. You do realize only 1 of 32 teams wins the super bowl each year and it’s a pretty hard feat to accomplish? Colts had 13 seasons with one of the best QBs to ever play and had 1 SB win to show. 11-5 with a playoff appearance after a 7-9 season is a good improvement. im not sure if Rivers will be back, but if he is, the offense will be much better with a full offseason and preseason
  13. I don’t get where people keep getting the “Bills first time In playoffs in decades” I’ve heard that multiple times. They went in 17 and 19 lol
  14. Listen man, I’m too drunk to read this all. Are we gonna win or not?
  15. Coaching absolutely ruined his shot at a SB that year. Bradley got absolutely shredded on D and made zero adjustments.
  16. It’s a 3 loss team VS a 5 loss team(with 1 loss being due to 3 key players with COVID). Not really a huge difference between them as far as standings go.
  17. NFL disrespecting the Colts. Colts get the early game but Bucs vs the trash * NFC East is prime time?
  18. Colts 52 Bills 24 Rivers with a rushing TD Bet your life savings on it
  19. He doesn’t have vision. Can’t find holes. Should cut him and draft someone else. Yeah, can’t think of many Franchise QB drafted at pick 32
  20. Agree, we beat KC and Bills on road back to back we’re winning the super bowl.
  21. We don’t need sources. Watch: In every Rivers loss of his career, he has thrown at least 3 INT and fumbled at least 2x. Meanwhile his defense has held opposing offense to 3 points. proof rivers is trash and not clutch.
  22. yeah Watson shredded them last time. The D just let him down. Hoping Watts big speech gives team the motivation to shut them down
  23. Defense crumbling aside, if we just ran the damn ball that probably stays a blowout. Rivers and Co handled biz in the 1st half. Just shoulda been handing off to JT the rest of the game. It is what it is. We now go into the playoffs and go on a 2010 Packers run.
  24. Agree. That Pitts game showed how dominant we CAN be. We did partially get effed by refs with that nonsense block in the back on the Hines 60 yard catch. And then the multiple PI and lack of PI for us. But essentially D broke down. But good teams usually turn it around and strive in playoffs. Hopefully we’re that team
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