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  1. Brady is going to put u some huge number this yr
  2. gotta split those carries. Himes is in a different category. BTW I also have Mack. Not Taylor. Taylor will play second fiddle to Mack for more than half the season Himes is a receiving threat
  3. I say Hyheim Hines This dude is going to feast in this offense Thoughts concerns opinions?
  4. Fuller balled out! Had him on a fantasy team.
  5. Got to 6 inches off the ground????? Chris must have been using the man measuring method
  6. sounded like it to me. My wife even asked why they were booing.
  7. under Justin Houston 14 sacks
  8. Will the Jaguars have their cesspool open for the game?
  9. Pat McAfee!!!!!! I know current. I think people will be adding Rivers to this conversations very soon.
  10. Over Himes will have 700 combined yards
  11. I don't think the Packers will be that much of an upset. I do think we will let a couple slip that we should win. I'm being more optimistic that I probably should be
  12. I see 11-5. with the bolded games as toss ups Colts at Jaguars W +12 Vikings at Colts W +3 Jets at Colts W +9 Colts at Bears W +9 Colts at Browns L -3 Bengals at Colts W +9 Colts at Lions W +3 Ravens at Colts L -3 Colts at Titans L -3 Packers at Colts W +6 Titans at Colts W +3 Colts at Texans L -3 Colts at Raiders L -3 Texans at Colts W +3 Colts at Steelers W +3 Jaguars at Colts W +12
  13. Or sign up for YouTube TV in an Indianapolis Market.
  14. 38-10 Colts Rivers 363 yds 3 TD's 2 INTs Mack 114 yds rushing 1 TD's. 56 yds receiving 1 TD Taylor 64 yds rushing 1 TD Hines 22 yds rushing 96 yds receiving 1 receiving TD TY 119 yds receiving 1 TD Defense 6 sacks. 2 by Lewis 3 INT's Rock, Hooker and Maniac 2 forced fumbles one recovered.
  15. some had us trading up into the top 5-7 to get him..... and you know who you are young lady
  16. Can someone confirm or correct me. I don't remember Mack ever wearing gloves.
  17. How does it work for the protected players on the practice squad? Do they still have to go through waivers or can they automatically be placed on the practice squad as protected players?
  18. Seriously? People on here want him cut no questions asked. Foles will be the starter in Chicago and will Tua in Miami. Maybe not right away, but as soon as he's ready So that would make Fitz the backup, and I'll give you Fitz as better. Dalton eh. He's about on par with JB. I wouldn't trade JB for Dalton. Again I am not a JB fan as a starter, but he's a damn good backup for this team, especially with a new starter that he can help along the way. There is a lot more to being a backup QB in the NFL that just taking keel down snaps in a blow out. My guess i
  19. I really don't get the hate for JB on this forum. Especially as the backup QB. He is arguably the best backup in the NFL. Why would any team NOT want the best backup player at a position? Wouldn't you all like to have the best backup RB in the NFL? The best LT? the best OC? Is it because of the money? That's stupid if so, it hasn't hurt the team and its not your money to spend. JB gives us the best chance to continue winning if PR goes down. Yea last yr was rough, but it was rough for the whole team, Too many injuries.
  20. Caroline is HOT. I stood right next to her on the field a couple yrs ago. He legs are sooo long. Lucky guy
  21. Some of you guys crack me up. Rivers was not signed to be the future of this team. Hopefully we all understand he is a 1-2 yr stop gap until we find the future franchise QB. To think that because he is 38 that he can't play is silly. Some of you thought we should go after an even older Tom Cheater. Rivers can play, he a smart vet, a good leader and motivator. Guys will rally around him, he knows the system, has excelled in this system and has almost all the pieces to take it to Feb. He doesnt have to win games by himself. The FO knew this team is prim
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