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  1. The only thing Pagano was ever right on. The kid is lazy
  2. Could you imagine how far he will fall if Ballard were to trade both of our 2nds? "Oh yea we can get him in the 3rd". HAHAHA
  4. Thank you. This internet thing might just be here to stay! HA
  5. Sorry. I'm one of those essential guys so I don't have time to read every post on here. Don't want Carr. He's too long term. The Colts are trying to win now and get these guys off of contracts, then the re do again. That's why a QB doesn't make a sense at all this yr. I could be wrong but the stars are not aligning that I'm not. People think if we don't get a QB this yr we will never get one. They dont run out like toilet paper
  6. Logic will get you nowhere on here. We should pull a Ditka and trade all of our picks for a 3rd string QB that is most likely not as good as the one we have!!! HAHAHA
  7. I bolded the HAD So that reinforces what I am saying. Right now, we can trade 2nd rounders to get back to the 1st round to get a developmental QB Or Next yr we can trade our 1st and a second or whatever for a player out of the top 3 taken. I am guessing Lawerence, Fields and Newman go earlier than where we would pick. Lawrence is like Burrow this yr, no way we can get him for the most part, and Fields would also cost to much. That leave Newman and beyond. Newman will also be a developmental QB, but most likely better than anyone in this yrs draft not named Burrow or Tua. Not arguing, for the sake of arguing. I am being realistic and a NON homer If the Colts draft a QB this yr they would get AT BEST Tua and it would cost a fortune and he has injury issues. The rest are REALLY projects. Love Herbet and beyond, maybe possibly turning into a mid level talent. Very less likely chance of turning into a franchise guy. Ballard has laid this plan out. He is not afraid to make moves for the right player, but he won't waste a roster spot on a high draft pick to sit the bench for 1-2 yrs. He's smart like that! It baffles me why you and others would trade 2-3 great draft picks and possible players for a developmental QB that won't start for probably 2 yrs. Just baffling And most likely would be the 3rd string QB, because the way it looks JB aint going anywhere this yr. So yea I have an issue trading top picks for a possible 3rd string QB
  8. We are no more out of reach this yr than next, in fact, are actually more out of reach this yr than we are next yr.
  9. I think it means more man in the secondary. Thoughts?
  10. And BTW I have very much been enlightened by your input. You too are a very good addition to this board
  11. ok. understand. Still one of the better posters on the board. I may need to read back through the interaction. So no issues brother
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