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  1. Not get excited? Since there is so much other good news coming out of Indy this season, I think this is great news!
  2. Awwww, come on... Tebow made Tebow look good in college! No coach can make a player look better than he actually is! (sarcasm!)
  3. I would love to see this team motivated, preparated, and executed... Oh wait, not that... :yay: I agree, these very basic tennants would help greatly!
  4. I just don't wanna see him die behind that O-line to prevent 0-16... I know he is better with the whole "pocket awareness" thing, but it only takes 1 shot, and he could be toast! Not worth it, in my opinion. On the brighter side, I liked seeing him in the full "head nod" mode he goes into when talking to reporters, tossing in a few shoulder shrugs. He is handling the press conferences well! Sorry, I'm looking for any signs of optimism I can find. I know time is short, and I will always be a true Colts fan, but Manning has been my favorite player since Tennessee, and I will miss him terrib
  5. Just realized I typrd this, and I didn't mean to... I'm posting at work, that was meant for a spreadsheet... I like Irsay, like the guy above... Love the Twitter posts and how they drive ppl nuts!
  6. I'm going with 35-14, 2 TD's in junk time... Also, anyone notice Matt Ryans quote on how the Colts are really good at running the COver 2 def? What tapes are he watching? lol...
  7. First time poster to these "What's worse" threads... Cardio Statistics Black Licorice P.S.-Please don't flame me for my opinion, or ask me why they are my opinions and try to warp them... You know who you are...
  8. Apologies... after extensive research into what I was quoting, I got it wrong..
  9. I remember in another thread that you are almost 17. Therefore you were...5 when Manning was drafted? Must have been a cognitive youth back then to understand sports pundits...?
  10. How about.... a top 15 defense that can get the ball back?
  11. As I have said other times to this "2-3" years left stuff... it is too soon to tell. Manning may be fantastic for 4-5 more years, and Luck may flame out... Too soon to tell. How about some practice reps first?
  12. Agreed. Kind of the way I felt about Newton coming into the league, and I've been disappointed...
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