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  1. Don't care for the trade. Value? Hopefully, but this team is too good to waste time on a reclamation project imho.
  2. If all that is his thing and he feels he is in a better place, fabulous. Just win, dammit.
  3. I really hope that I am wrong on this one, we have too good of a team to waste a year on a damaged qb imho. Of course I will admit it if I am in the wrong. Don't have the Harbaugh jersey but he remains my fav, those were some times. That dang Pittsburgh game still stings...
  4. Skeptical on Frank calling plays tbh, and skeptical on CW.
  5. I hope I am wrong on this one and we didn't give up a whole lot, but damn I wish they had went with another candidate given how things are so interesting with so many other big names out there this year...
  6. Middle of the pack QB imho. Great arm, questionable reads, accuracy and touch. Please make a move in the off-season to replace soon.
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