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  1. I agree with you and will add to the fact that no team wants to pay rb's past their rookie contracts as it's too easy to find a replacement in the draft. I will say that if Taylor becomes the Man Beast we all expect him to be, it will be a hard decision to not resign him but lets cross that bridge when we get there!!! Great 4yrs are ahead for sure Colts fans.
  2. This is where I would've liked to see better play from Luck and Brissett. Neither were very good at the check down to the rb's and I feel that is a very dangerous part of an Elite O. Rivers excels at this trait and I can't wait to finally see it in the Colts game plan. It puts the D on its heels more than anything as we ALL have seen playing against Rivers, Brady, etc...
  3. None taken. I was just curious the thinking that was holding the grade back from an A, especially with Buckner being added. I give it an A w/o Buckner for what it's worth.
  4. I hated the pick at first mainly because I'm a huge Mack fan and didn't understand the need at such a high pick. After mulling it over a couple days and watching vids, I am now estatic we got Taylor and feel he could be the BellCow we all been waiting for. I understand the mileage he racked up in College to put all those numbers but the kid never missed a game while logging those miles. With that said, I see his window only being 6-8 yrs in the league but those 6-8 yrs can be All Pro Status!!! From all I read, Taylor is a professional with a professional work ethic that should translate to
  5. Even with the Buckner trade in your equation you still give this draft a B+? Curious to dive deeper into that mind and see what is making you cautious? I can live with a B+ if not including Buckner but cant see anything less than an A with Buckner. I'm not totally sold on the 3rd rd pick that has to sit out an entire yr but with getting Eason in the 4th kind of makes up for it.
  6. Agree and "better" just might have been good enough!!!
  7. You are correct in saying the draft hinges on the Taylor pick which is why I thing the Colts stole the draft. Yes, we have Mack but he doesn't scare any defense and Taylor brings that factor to the table. You can't dismiss a 4.39 forty, 5'10" and 226 lbs and what that can mean to this offense. Still not convinced, how about 6,000 yds, 6.7 ypa and 50 tds in just 3 yrs against a top conference with teams stacking the box? Taylor is the X factor in this draft grade.
  8. If the Colts roster can get away with carrying 3 qb's, I am all for it as you mentioned of having a rock solid backup!! There is no way that Eason can contribute in 2020 or at least be successful so having a backup that is more than capable (as long as TY is healthy) will be refreshing. I just hope the roster can handle this.
  9. Fast forward to the 2020 NFL draft and Eason is a 4th rd pick while Fromm went in the 5th! Can't help but wonder the outcome if Eason never lost his starting position? Nobody knows but I can guarantee he wouldn't have fell to the 5th rd like Fromm!
  10. No worries and you had every reason to be baffled at my lack of knowledge to this topic. I expected the bottom 10 teams to carry 3 qb's, not the cream of the crop.
  11. Everybody has their own formula but Buckner at 13, Pittman Jr at 34 and Taylor at 44 is an A draft grade no matter the curve or formula used.
  12. Cant forget what a VET probowler slash Superbowl experienced player brings to this team. Kinlaw may be a stud but he wouldn't bring a VET presence to help lead this young team to the next level. VET leadership is worth $20mil per yr over a promising rookie that has yet to step foot on an NFL field! This team needs VET leadership and Ballard knew it!!!
  13. Thinking, dreaming, wishing whats the difference? HA
  14. I'm not even gonna click on this graphic to know that it is a disrespect to a gather of data and somewhere Einstein himself is turning in his grave. Anybody that watches this game knows that a D+ is not only inexcusable but darn right laughable. I personally gave it an A- and all I heard is the Colts, Vikings and Ravens killed the draft. End of the day, Opinions are like...
  15. We not only hit a home run, but a GRAND SLAM! Pittman Jr and Taylor alone are 1st rd grades that we got in the 2nd, everyone else there is Mastercard! Eason can easily be the best qb in this draft and we got him in the 4th compared to 1st and 2nd! If Eason works out to be a future Probowler then this draft goes from a GRAND SLAM to a walk off GRAND SLAM!
  16. Anybody else find it interesting that the Patriots did not draft a QB in this draft? They only have two on the roster in Stidham & Hoyer, which makes it even more interesting if they will come calling for Brissett?
  17. You have no idea how I feel about JB and I promised that I would let this play out instead of bashing one of our players! No idea.
  18. Thank You Superman for the lesson of the day as I had no idea that all these successful teams can afford a roster spot to a 3rd qb. This doesn't make sense that these teams listed can be such a force playing with a 52 man roster but again I'm baffled. I guess I'm used to all 53 meaning so much which shows our lack of depth and talent. Excuse me for my ignorance as I'm used to carrying a punter, kicker and kickoff specialist and had no worries about a backup to the backup at the qb position thanks to Manning and Luck. Hopefully this idea doesn't last long my friend!
  19. Said it to myself 500 times, to friends 100 and at least once here lol, I guess I failed to mention that! Cheers Crazy1!
  20. I'm a Big10 guy myself and love the fact this guy continued to have success even know teams continued to stack the box. Lets be honest, Wisconsin's passing attack didn't put the fear in any team they played but Taylor scared the living crap out of them. Taylor - 926 attempts, 6174 yds, 6.7 ypa, 50 tds, 4.39 40 yd dash. Played in a tough conf. Mack - 586 attempts, 3609 yds, 6.2 ypa, 32 tds, 4.50 40 yd dash. Played in a small conf.
  21. 926 attempts, 6174 yds, 6.7 ypa, 50 tds! I agree, were all shaking our heads at these comments but it's a matter of time before Taylor becomes a fan favorite. I thought Mack was fast coming out of College but... Mack - 4.5 40 yd dash Taylor - 4.39 40 yd dash
  22. Did I read his combine stats correctly, 5' 10" 226lbs and ran a 4.39 which was the fastest among rb's? 4.39 forty yd dash is for the smaller, quicker gadget type athletes, not for a 226 lb punishing machine! More importantly, did I read his college stats correctly, 926 attempts, 6174 yds, 6.7 ypa & 50 tds in just 3 yrs? SAY WHAT??? If Taylor fell to the second rd due to his fumbling issues and they disregarded his 226 lbs, 4.39 speed and a HOF college resume, they failed to make the connection Mr. Obvious. Steal of the draft easily.
  23. How many made the playoffs? If you have two QB's, you dont have one!
  24. The Brees comparison was simply on throwing motion (such ease), tight spiral & on the money (deep ball). Nothing more, nothing less. The entire Ballard comment about slowing our roll to me is not for us fans but for Jacob Eason himself. He doesn't need for his young gunslinger to get a big head and now the writing is on the wall that he must earn his success. I'm not a qb guru scout to really know how this kids game will transfer to the NFL but I had him as the #1 qb in this draft. I know, "seriously" and yes. PS. I said many times that having JB on this team in 2020, jus
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