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  1. We can all wish in one hand and *%$@ in the other but at the end of the day 3 yrs of poop is telling which hand your gonna get!
  2. Because Blackmon is a football player and enjoys getting physical unlike Malik "Deion" Hooker who looks disinterested in the game. Hooker was a project that the staff took a gamble on but they missed on his desire for the game and he reminds me of a player that wants a few paychecks and get O U T of the game. I read somewhere in this thread that he isn't very good at what he is supposed to be good at and that is SPOT ON. That glove tackle on Henry at the goal line showed he is the biggest wimp this team has seen at the position. I will also note that when the team needs him most (Big games
  3. HaHa, good catch or punt for that matter lol! I guess the jury has come to a conclusion on Hooker when they decided his play did not garner another yr of his duties. For this D to really be topnotch, we must find that All-Pro (hehe) at the safety position. John Lynch, Ed Reed and Gary Fencik helped solidify the secondary! Derrick Brooks, Ray Lewis and Mike Singletary solidified the LB position! Warren Sapp, Haloti Ngata and Dan Hampton on the Dline! I just named 3 All-Pro players at every level of the D on the BEST Defenses of ALL time! With Deforest Buckner and Darious Leonard on the r
  4. So lets just put all our eggs in the Hoyer basket and lose two critical games that proved he is nothing more than a complete %head?? At least you would've known what you have and couldn't get any worse record wise?? We lost to the lowly Dolphins at our OWN stadium so how worse could've it have gotten??
  5. I just dont understand the concept behind keeping Jacoby and his $20 MIL on this roster when you have a qb in Rivers that don't miss a snap?? Add in he's playing behind the #1-3 OL, it doesn't make sense to carry such an expensive backup?? I get it that Jacob Eason is 1-2 yrs away from NFL ready but you have a less expensive option in Chad Kelley just in case. Either way, I'm not going to get all worked up over the backup option when Rivers can light it up for at least 2 more yrs!!!
  6. I'm ready to see an All American LB being paired with an All American Lineman to solidify this D for 2020! All GREAT D's have ALL Americans at all 3 levels of the defense. We have Buckner, Darious and what was supposed to be Hooker but the Jury is still out?? That's where I was going with this post, is that Hooker is the mystery playmaker in the secondary from keeping this D in becoming dominant!
  7. I like how he is excited but let's be honest that our D did not start off on fire in 2019!!! Don't forget about the rumors that DL was going to retire due to a 3-4 wk concussion. With all the talk about not picking up Malik's 5th yr and this D is a mystery for 2020. I can see dominance if all pieces fall to plan but lets wait n see first.
  8. It's time for all the Chad Kelly fans to realize his time is up just like the Jacoby Brissett fans!!! The real qb on this team is Phillip Rivers for the next two yrs and all talk should be about that instead of a backup!
  9. P.S. I'm copy righting the "If he has the drive, the Colts will certainly thrive" before ESPN or Jacob Eason himself sues me for selling Tshirts!
  10. Thanks Chloe for another great breakdown of Jacoby Eason that just shows for ever highlight, there will be a lowlight. For Jacob Eason to become a star in this league, he will have to want it like Peyton or Brady did several years ago. Only difference is Eason has the tools that neither Peyton or Brady had coming into this game and that is a 6 million dollar right arm! If he has the drive, the Colts will certainly thrive but lets see!!!
  11. I'm hoping for so much more than a Shane Falco comparison but after reading many opinions on this board I guess I would be grateful for any kind of success. I'm trying to compare a prior qb to the arm that Eason has & coming up blank? It's not everyday 6'6", 231 with a 62mph fastball is available but when it does, make sure you jump on it! Did you see the spin on that dart?
  12. How about this 4th that shows a Rocket Arm?
  13. I personally believe this was Ballards #1 goal when he told fans to pump the brakes on this kid and that was so Eason wouldn't read the clippings and get a big head. If Eason fell to the 4th rd due to lack of work ethic and want, why does he play the game in the first place? You always hear the great athletes having the love of the game and then you hear players like Rosen who could care less if he plays football or not and it shows. I guarantee the staff will find out quick what they got and listen to their actions, not their words.
  14. I agree 100%. What made Peyton so great was not his arm, footwork or mobility (I kid) but his desire to be the best of the best and that meant being the first to arrive and last to leave. Of course it helped he was so much smarter than everyone on the coaching staff but he needed every bit of those brains because he was limited physically. Insert Eason, who is as gifted as they come physically but does he have the desire to become great? He doesn't need Peyton's smarts because he has the tools but he does need the work ethic and the desire to become better than everybody else or he will fa
  15. I dont understand this philosophy and where is it coming from Downhill? Are you saying you wouldn't take a rookie Peyton Manning or heck the GOAT, Tom Brady? Am I the only one that thinks Lamar Jackson is overrated and will get hurt sooner than later? Am I the only one that thinks Mahomes is a terrible pocket passer qb and the secret formula is to keep him in the pocket? I hope I'm not the only one who thinks Watson is a one trick pony in escaping the pocket to throw deep on blown coverage? I'm sorry but all three of these guys I mentioned are just average at being an actual qb and only t
  16. Crazycolt1, I'm no qb expert but alot has been said about footwork and less about crazy arm strength. Most qb's need great footwork to be able to step into throws so they don't come up short but if you have a big arm is it as big a problem as most make it seem? His vids show him throwing darts and I would think at this level the pass catchers can handle some heat. It's not like Eric "Stone" Hands is still on the roster to worry about and I remember the same talk in Titletown when Farve first arrived. Eason can spin the ball 62 mph which will cut right through that Foxboro wind that our pri
  17. No doubt that we got a steal and don't understand the lack of enthusiasm but maybe its because were so locked in on Rivers that the Eason project is on the back burners? Just wait Colt Fans, just wait!
  18. I'm hoping by camp that Jacob Eason is the clear #2 qb on this team but make no mistake that even if Jacoby Brissett is here that Eason's presence will be bigger!!! I'm very excited for what Rivers brings to the table now but I can't help but be even more excited with what Eason can bring in 2021 or 2022!!! I know that this staff loves Brissett but at some point you have to look into your future to believe what you preach.
  19. Anybody not excited over this guy needs to have their head examined as his arm is second to none in this draft!!! I can't wait til he matures and is given the reigns to this Offense as the sky will be the limit!!! Lets get behind this kid and really appreciate what we got INDY instead of the have nots!!!
  20. Cant teach Arm strength Chloe!!!! Everyone wants to focus on his lowlights but I ask who is he throwing to as I see multiple drops in those lowlights?? No drops in these highlights so lets get on board before this train moves on out!!!
  21. Just imagine bestQBever, if his receivers actually caught the damn ball??? I'm not saying Eason is perfect but looking at film I see a bunch of drops that cost him a higher draft grade! Were lucky GA went with Fromm and Eason ended up in Washington with no weapons whatsoever, otherwise we wouldn't have had this chance!!! I'm on the bandwagon and most here will too before too long.
  22. How about focusing on this clip!
  23. I remember watching NC State way back when and came away impressed at this no name qb that gave it his all and willed his team to victory gainst the odds!!! I hated him as a Charger, mainly because Peyton couldn't beat him but always had great respect for his Alpha male type mentality. This guy gives it his ALL and will let you know when he beats you. You HATE him when he is against you but LOVE him when he is on your side!!! Dont worry Athens, this Colt Nation will get behind Rivers Nation before too long as were all very pro for who puts on our uniform!!!
  24. Can't help but dream about this Dline in Tampa!!! Adding VET leadership can be the difference between watching the biggest game and playing in the biggest game.
  25. If we can pay a backup qb 20 Mil, we can pay an actual contributor to this team $16MIL! Just saying!!!
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