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  1. I 100% agree that both Peyton and Luck made our Colts relevant and it was a great feeling that no matter who the opposition was, I felt we were the better team! At the end of the day, we all should have felt that way with the #1 overall pick leading our squad but History in this league says it may not be enough. It took a perfect storm for Tom Brady to have the success he had and its not even debatable but if we have learned anything is that it takes 53 contributors to win a SB and not just a #1 overall QB. Eason's contract should allow the Colts to field a Championship team and not handica
  2. I'm curious to know the truth from an NFL coach because us fans have conflicting reports. It was obvious from game 1 that something was def missing as DL was a no show for the first 6 wks to the season. I blame it on letting Al Woods go and the lack of a Dline presence had Leonard struggling to shed blocks before his 3 wk vacation from a concussion. Add in Turay getting hurt leads right into your theory of better qb play killed this D as our pass rush was simply not there. Lack of pass rush, lack of a presence on the Dline all contributed to a fall in this D rankings. It might not have be
  3. Just because Hilton played hurt in 2018 for like 9 wks in a row should not be discounted that he was hurt and throw in the 2019 season where he missed 6 games is alarming. If he can't stay healthy in 2020, should tell the staff everything they need to know about any kind of extension. 3 yrs in a row should not take a rocket scientist very long IMO. 100% agree, IF healthy!!!
  4. Depends on the health of his 2020 season! Last two yrs he dealt with lower leg injuries and add in the fact he only wants to play one more contract has me worried about his health. If he can stay healthy in 2020 with no lower leg injuries, an extension may come but if any signs of an injury to his lower legs will be the culprit to his release. When on the field, he is a game changer but when he is inactive, the Colts record is 0-9.
  5. Its no secret that the Colts Defense took a major step back last yr so who in their right mind would argue such point? With the loss of Al Woods our Dline got manhandled in the middle and it all starts there which is why All Pro D Leonard almost retired from a concussion!!! We had moments of being good but for the most part were horrid! If Buckner can stay healthy, this D will be like 2018, top 10!
  6. In 2018, Al Woods made all the difference and it was no secret that his presence helped turn a weak Dline into a respectable one overnight! We all seen it but for some reason this staff thought it was all due to rookie sensation D Leonard. Fast forward to 2019 when this D took a major step back and its a no brainer the lack of a force on the Dline being the culprit. This is why many are overlooking the Deforest Buckner trade and what he brings to the table. I love Al Woods but he is no Buckner and please remember once Darius Leonard has yet again an All Pro yr to thank the guys in the tren
  7. No doubt this kid has the intangibles to make a name for himself but does he have the Alpha Male mentality to make the 53? His only knock is he doesn't live up to his size? Is that a coaching issue or just the ole "It's not the size of the dogg in the fight, but rather the size of the fight in the dogg"?
  8. I promote this sentence!!! Forget history and lets focus on the future as we all have seen certain players struggle early on only to become All Pro in the right situation. If Buckner can make all the difference to this pass rush and make Hooker to be All Pro, congrats as this young man will get paid! Either way, I apologize for bashing this young man before his Colts career has come to an end which isn't fair. I hope 29 is ELITE in 2020.
  9. Doesn't matter what your curve is vs the staff who is actually evaluating this young talent! Nobody is comparing this 4th rd pick to Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck so not sure why Colts Nation doesn't BELIEVE in this young talent? From # 1 overall pick to the 122nd pick is no comparison in the eyes of the beholder but the talent level might not be all that far apart. Peyton/Luck were born to take over an NFL offense from day 1 which validated the #1 overall pick but if Eason is granted a yr or two to learn the NFL game, the void seems to close significantly. Eason has all the tools physical
  10. Much improved indeed but something always crops up with this team that is so frustrating. 6-1 is obtainable as long as the injury curse is lifted. TY & Kenny Moore seem to come into mind when they miss games but the biggest in 2019 was AV! Not so much improvement but a health issue!
  11. I can't speculate on actual wins/losses vs each team but I can say that if this same team rids itself of the HORROR story at qb play and even worse in the kicking game, ALL BETS are off for competing in a spot in TAMPA!!! Most think that we are so far off from competing vs the BEST that I want to quickly remind you that even with the woes mentioned above, we still beat the SB Chiefs, Texans and Titans that should give us all hope! In a yr that so many things went wrong, this team still was a TY away from being a presence in the AFC. Head says 12-4 but HEART says we could be the surprise in
  12. Fair enough and seems like a smart prediction but as a life long Colts Fan, I have one game better at 11-5 and best case 12-4! I feel with the improvements on both sides of the ball will be the difference.
  13. Curious where you have OUR Colts finishing?
  14. At this point, I can't argue any further with a fan that has "12" in their belief! I guess that statement is STUPID too 12? How did that number work out for you Sir? Are you as disappointed all around as I am or you willing to forget the past and root for the future?? In "17" I TRUST 12! Let's talk about players that are actually RELEVANT to this team today & in the near future which 12 & 29 have NONE! STUPID
  15. IF they DO, no further doubt in my mind that Belichick is the REAL GOAT!!!
  16. BECAUSE there is a GOD and the entire WORLD will witness the FALL OF THE EMPIRE on National Television!!! Thank You GOD!!!
  17. Thanks for sharing Scott as I am also intrigued by his measurable's and hope he can make the transition to the NFL level that most 6th rd picks face!!! Let's face it though, those measurable's put his success in his corner & its up to his work ethic to decide his fate! I'm excited and thanks again!
  18. Can we print Tshirts for Motivation that say 1-15?? This should be bulletin board material so lets use it to our advantage!!!
  19. Dear GOD, we still on this STUPID conversation??? I'm not gonna go down this road tonight so lets just all let HISTORY answer who the STUPID actually is! I'll gladly eat crow for what its worth.
  20. Can't wait to rock this Kids Jersey at the Luke!!! On the other hand this is the best known Legacy of #86 for the Colts!!! SIGH, a pair of 500 plus receiving yds is the best we got for 86 lol! 86. Jerome Pathon: He had a pair of 500-plus receiving yards seasons in the early Manning years.
  21. I guess that goes to show you my posts are stupid that I don't even remember when these BUSTS were actually drafted! Who was avail at 15 that we didn't believe would stick, that would even make the Hooker believers turn so sick??
  22. DEFENSE, are you saying that for a players only strength being the deep ball but far too many times is seen on Sundays getting burnt for a td is simply out of position?? Could it be that Chris Ballard sees the same player constantly out of position that we both have seen but some here dont? Could it be that his only yr playing the position in college was too big of a gamble to take with the 2nd rd pick and we should have seen this coming from the beginning? Could it be the lack of instincts it takes to succeed at this level be the end of his career at this level? Could it be his lack of in
  23. Are you meaning that if the opposing qb is forced to throw off his back foot or forced to throw the ball up for grabs that Hooker may have a good season? I would hope an undrafted player could have a good season under those circumstances but I guess some have lowered the bar so much that it doesn't matter how he succeeds as long as he succeeds. His professional status is quickly going from an Ed Reed comparison to an Apollo Creed destination!
  24. Only stupid when proven to be false but I like my chances. I'm intrigued to hear why you strongly disagree with my thoughts? Please share with the class.
  25. Actions speak louder than words and he is a player that thinks he is better than what he actually is. Hooker will be out of the league or forgotten soon and it doesn't take a genius to figure this out, thank you very much Ballard!
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