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  1. I see nonsense Lucky and I wish I had something to see a dancing purple elephant lol.
  2. Lucky, I'm already on this train for 99% of the roster but it's the most obvious players that are truly struggling and our Org simply ignores the purple elephant in the room that I get most upset. I don't want to mention any names and bad mouth players who suit up for the Shoe but we all watch the same movie Coach!
  3. When Coach Reich talks, you get 300% of your daily sodium intake! I will let you print the Tshirts and have all the glory!
  4. Yikes Scoob, I just seen a GHOST!!!!
  5. Well said post Lucky! I guess my biggest frustration is they talk to us fans like we are soooooo clueless and have no idea whatsoever at what is going on behind their locker room doors. I'm not asking our management to stop talking about our players, just do so like your talking to a fanbase that has a CLUE. If you want to pump sunshine up our butts about certain players, please do so on the one's that actually have light to shine!
  6. In all seriousness Lucky, you are correct and we all would do the same in his position! I'm just tired of the constant pumping of sunshine on players that are the direct result of 7-9.
  7. I see some missed the main point of today's lesson so let me reiterate. When the Head Coach of any organization talks about any of his players, take it for a grain of salt because it's pure Oscar Meyer organs & trimmings, otherwise known as BOLOGNA.
  8. How many injuries did he have total with THE Buckeyes vs in one NFL season? Nobody can honestly answer his future without more data but the health of his 2020 season will be more of a tell all story! I'm hoping for All Pro!
  9. Check, check, check, check & check! I'm pretty sure your a great chess player CR91 because that's CheckMate!
  10. Coach Reich would give a bum off Michigan St a high remark and I take everything he he says about a Colts player with a grain of salt. He simply will never talk down on any player that ever suits up for the Shoe whether right or wrong. Every player is just a tick away from All Pro, right Coach?
  11. USA today is all about the glory teams, always have been and always will. They don't spend any resources on actual talent and the talent they have has no choice but to cover the top stories that everyone is already talking about. I guarantee this writer spent 2 minutes of research to come up with this dismal ranking of our D. Due to COVID-19, we should just skip to the Superbowl of Chiefs vs Bucs and may the best over hyped team win.
  12. HAHA, my number one flaw is no patience CR91! I love the kid's potential but 3 different injuries in one yr doesn't help with the confidence level and let alone the patience level. He's def not a bust yet, but the label is being printed.
  13. From recent reports, Clowney may have to accept a prove it deal at around $10MIL so I sweetened the pot to make INDY attractive. What's more disturbing is this kind of talent at a bargain price, why isn't this staff all in? Oh I forgot, we don't want to take snaps away from our younger talent that is still learning the game! Lewis is just another 2nd rd Ohio ST draft bust by Chris Ballard but he will give him every chance to succeed. $12MIL is a steal over a backup bust or a 2nd rd bust.
  14. Lets start with common sense! Phillip Rivers will cost us $25MIL in 2020 and with his Peyton like durability, why pay $9MIL for insurance? Releasing JB today will relieve anywhere from $6-8 MIL against our cap for 2020! The one player I'd like to see sign that could make the Colts instant contenders (If they aren't already) is Jadeveon Clowney!!! Especially since he could be had on a one yr deal at just $12MIL! WHY pay a backup insurance option that will probably NEVER see the field at $8MIL vs a player that can make a serious impact for just peanuts more
  15. Shafty, do you realize that this Colts team that we both believe in was a serious threat to the AFC even with poor qb play from JB and an injury prone season from TY? Add in the fact the GOAT kicker in NFL history cost's us 2-3 games just by himself added up to a 7-9 season! By no means do any of us Colts fans believe that this team is a 7-9 team and even with these 3 major disappointments, this team was still right there!!!! SB champs KC on the road, CHECK! Division winner Houston, CHECK! AFC runner up Titans, CHECK! Just imagine if these 3 MAJOR disappointments didn't happen? Additio
  16. Once Ladanian Tomlinson & Steve Smith stop talking, we as fans just gained 10 pts toward our NFL knowledge. In all seriousness, I don't get how these two Clowns who were both impact players in the sport, be so clueless when it comes to team evaluations! Am I the only one who gets a serious case of anxiety when I hear them speak or try to present their case? I literally have to change the channel and can't believe the NFL Network puts their reputation on the line by giving these two Clowns a J O B! How many TE's do we need with Jack Doyle, Trey Burton and Mo Allie Cox?? Only thing over
  17. It makes no sense to pay $9 mil for a backup qb when you have Phillip Rivers as your qb? He is as durable as Peyton Manning was and with this OL protecting him I will bet the farm he will start every game in 2020! Add in another $10 plus mil to his overall cap hit and I'm quite astonished this championship staff went this route instead of spending $20 Mil on another Playmaker that will actually make a difference this yr! AGAIN, the Patriots continue to screw over this organization & I just don't get why we continue to let this happen. McDaniels, Vinny, Brissett, ETC... Please NO MORE
  18. There is zero chance that Eason goes on the practice squad and expect the Colts to carry 3 qb's on this yr's active roster with CK possibly being retained on the practice squad. In 2021, expect Rivers the starter and Eason as the backup, at least that's what is being projected!
  19. 2019 was a complete failure when Luck decided to suddenly retire but with every disappointing season, comes a surprise season! A Jacoby Brissett led disappointing season (Although MAY not be his complete fault) can easily be replaced by a former HOF Phillip Rivers season with the additions of Pittman Jr and Taylor! If Campbell can actually stay healthy along with one of the best wr's in TY, this offense can be scary!!! Add Deforest Buckner to this already stout D, 2019 is just a nightmare created by Andrew Luck that is no longer in our dreams! Sleep tight Colts Fans!
  20. Optimism is a 6th rd draft pick that landed in the perfect storm to be named later the GOAT. 31 other teams passed 5 times and some 6 times! The legacy of Eason is directly in his hands and how hard he want's to become the best just like that former 6th rd pick. Kid has the talent and the front office to succeed but at the end of the day its all up to his desire that none of us fans can speculate. Time will tell regardless.
  21. One less blocker on the LB and even more importantly is a one on one match-up for everyone else on the Dline! That gives guys like Autry, Turay & Houston a great chance to be successful and more pressure on the qb. Just like Dungy said, the 3 tech is the most important piece to the D. An example that comes to mind is the Chicago Bears D last yr that started out the best in the league all up until the game that Hicks got hurt and it was like night/day. I hate the Bears but I got to admit their D was ferocious with Hicks and it all clicked once I saw that squad fall apart when Hicks went
  22. Not true as he thought long and hard that this game was not worth it after suffering a headache for 3 straight weeks! I will dig up the article if you like but many were scared of another Luck type retirement.
  23. Every late rd pick gets rattled under pressure hence the Patriots creating the famous 3yd slant for their 6th rd qb that got thrust into the starting role. It's no secret Tom stayed clean due to quick passes and less progressions which would behoove this staff to do the same for Eason!
  24. I think most fans optimism is coming from the trade of Deforest Buckner which is a special talent that can make any D go from middle of the pack to top 10 in a hurry. It's no secret that the decision to let Al Woods go after 2018 season hindered the success of the 2019 D and Ballard and Staff realized that by trading the 13th overall pick for an All Pro! Tony Dungy even echoed that his success started with the dominance of the 3 tech so its no surprise that the 2019 colts D suffered from a lack of such presence! This was a complete miss by Ballard and Staff to let Al Woods go but glad they
  25. I guess what I was getting at is Eason doesn't have to be great for this team to have success! Sometimes it comes down to a Championship roster or a coaching staff to have the right gameplan to be Championship worthy but one thing Eason brings to the table is a lower cap hit to field a better team. I give you 1K likes for comparing Peyton to Brady, Montana, Jordan, Gretzky and Ali just like he deserves but all these greats had Championships to back their greatness! It's a shame a talent like Peyton didn't end up the GOAT as he sure had the talent but it further cements my theory that it tak
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