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  1. Are you ready for a 100% * off competitor leading our offense down the field in 2020!!! If our D takes the next level to compete with Mahomes, we will represent the AFC come Jan! Not even worried about the little Lamar Jackson led offense that is a one hit wonder! Pocket passers rule!!!
  2. I really hope this is sarcasm at its finest!!! 4 cost us at least 3-4 games on his own last season as we went from 10-6 or 11-5 to 7-9 with embarrassing moments that I chose to not repeat! This is silly that the Colts even think about another yr of embarrassment!!! The Pittsburgh game cost me $1500 in replacing my tv, please NO!
  3. Love Jack Doyle when he’s Healthy and on the field! 2019 was unfortunate that the one yr he remained healthy all season, we had an inept QB leading the Offense! I’m hoping Jack can remain healthy in 2020 as Phillip LOVES his TE’s!!! I’m not planning on a full season of health from Doyle which is why it’s Essential to draft future Pro Bowler and future All Pro, Cole Kmet with the 34th pick! If this guy had a QB that didn’t see deer in the headlights in 2019, he & Claypool would be top 15 in this draft! Lets get a steal or two from the 574 area!!!
  4. Allen Iverson clone, hates practice but shows up on gamedays! Unfortunately for him, this Org requires good practice habits to be able to dress on Sundays. Practice, You want to talk Practice...
  5. Rivers is the perfect example of a player you HATE playing against but LOVE to have him on your team!!! He will bring the fire and passion that all INDY fans will love even know the results are not ideal. INDY got a real steal in Rivers as I bet the farm he will contend for the AFC MVP in 2020! Different scenery, different coaching staff = a rejuvenated about to be HOF. Does anybody actually believe in the Chargers staff anyways to merit they were a good team last yr?
  6. 52 tackles in just 6 starts is phenomenal no matter how you slice it, especially for a CB!!! No doubt, Carrie is willing to stick his nose in the pile and maybe all he needs is a chance to prove he is more than a backup? Anybody seen or got film on him being torched trying to cover?? He grades above avg in run D but what about coverage??
  7. Texans LOL!!! I don't see the same dynamic player as most but when it comes to the qb position at this level it is hard to project if said player will be a star or bust. It has derailed many teams in the past and some have gotten extremely lucky, hence Aaron Rodgers! Strong pass here.
  8. All for drafting a wr but to me that's like playing with fire as it takes time for this position to transition to the next level. We are in WIN now mode so going into the season with TY as the only proven veteran is mind boggling. CB will sign a WR in FA and if he doesnt could be the Achilles heal to our season yet once again. I'm not counting on TY to be available and I hope CB doesn't either. I love TY but how many games have the Colts won w/o TY Hilton? I want a veteran signing plus one of the 2nd rd picks in the draft and even that is uncomforting.
  9. 41 sacks w/ NO interior presence or threat, just imagine with an inside presence. Our outside pass rush specialist's are about to feast with this new inside threat and I can't think of an all around better unit across the board in the history of the Indy Colts? Freeney/Mathis were great but Polian devalued the DT position, NOMORE!!!
  10. Fool me once, shame on you BUT fool me twice... The rivalry is definitely ON!!
  11. Dude is not worth the asking price, otherwise both Houston & now Seattle would be either resigning or franchise tag? Listen to the former employers!!
  12. 2020 is a critical yr for Chris Ballard & I’m growing tired of hearing him talk. This team needs an actual NFL QB, a true #1 WR and a stud DT just for starters. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt due to Luck retiring but this is a critical yr for him to give this fanbase a vote of confidence. 3 top picks in this draft plus $80+ MIL avail in FA. The assets are there to compete for a SB THIS yr but does Ballard have the guts to make it happen? HINT: JB is not the answer and can demolish the 2020 season just FYI Ballard.
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