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  1. Here is the quote from Love’s attorney: Love’s attorney, Skye Lazaro, issued a statement via email to The Salt Lake Tribune regarding the incident. “Contrary to initial reports Jordan Love was not arrested for any offense, but simply cited by the officer for a low-level misdemeanor possession charge," Lazaro said. "Based on the information available at this time, there was no marijuana or other illegal substances recovered at the scene. Jordan maintains his innocence and is confident he will be exonerated as this matter progresses through the judicial process.” I understand attorneys have to argue in defense of the player, but if you look at the report, the Logan, Utah police smelt weed after getting a complaint and charged everyone in the room they thought the smell had come from. I am a HUGE Utah State fan so I am hoping it was just a being in the wrong place at the wrong time kind of situation. I did not think he would be the type to do something like this at one of the most important points in his life. He has not had any previous drug or law issues, so I am hoping things get sorted out.
  2. #87 is Caleb Repp. He was a transfer from Utah Utes that played Tight End in High School but switched to Defensive end at Utah. He transferred to Utah State this year and we played him at tight end like he should have been playing all along! He had 455 yards and 4 TD's. He has crazy athleticism and that one hand catch against Boise made Sportscenter #1 that week! In addition, #80 in the film is Siaosi Mariner and he was also a transfer from Utah that only played this season. He was Love's go to this season and hauled in 874 yards and 8 TDs! He was even injured for a game or two as well. If the colts need a free agent snag TE or late round/free agent WR, I think Caleb Repp and Siaosi Mariner would be great gets for the Colts! Plus, they have playing with Love, so if you get one of them, they already have played with Love at USU. https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/3912574/caleb-repp https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4361016/siaosi-mariner
  3. If you want a larger sample size of Jordan Love, here is a great video!
  4. I made this highlight video of the best plays of Jordan Love from this year. I have watched every single Aggie game this year and believe without a doubt that Love is something special! If you want to see how he did this year, this film is perfect! He may have had 16 interceptions that are not shown, but if you look at the interceptions, a lot of them were 50/50 balls that would have been caught by the offense if the wide receivers were more elite. Also, the offensive coordinator this year at Utah State struggled in putting Love in the right situations early on in the season. That being said, a lot of his throws left me in awe this year and he truly does have a god given talent. We had a lot of drops by our wide receivers that would have led to more touchdowns and yards for Love. If you watch the entire film, he made multiple huge plays every game and his arm talent is apparent in every game this season. Many people criticize the year he has had in 2019, but all of the plays in this video were this year. Everyone wants to say go back to last year and that proves what talent he has, but I don't think that is the case. He did not have as bad of a year as people think and with a tad bit better coaching, offensive line, and play makers, he will THRIVE! I really hope the Colts pick him as I think that would be a perfect fit. He is a great young man and will go down as my favorite all time Aggie and one of the best to play in an Aggie uniform! If he wasn't leaving to the draft, he would shatter about every USU record next year. GO AGGIES!
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