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  1. Indy media ALWAYS over hypes the Colts. This year it's the defense. Is the defense better than last year? Yes. Is it elite? Not even close. The def line is good not great. Same for the line backers. Db's are fair, not good nor great. The sad part is the defense is far superior than the offense. Rivers is just a bad investment.
  2. They wont to be able to draft a close to ready quarterback, maybe a project type player. Plus they have too many holes to fill.
  3. This is just not a good team. Jacoby is a good backup, a decent occassional starter but he's not a franchise type quarterback. The offensive line is good, that's about it on offensive. Defensively you Darius Leonard,maybe Malik Hooker but thats it. They need a lot of work.
  4. I was all for Brisett being the man. It's obvious HE IS NOT! The biggest difference between this year and last ( except for a few injuries ) is no Andrew Luck. So why not give Kelly a shot. We're already at rock bottom.
  5. Did they actually participate?????
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