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  1. He’s clearly done a strong job through the draft trading back for Nelson, “reaching” on Leonard which many fans and analysts thought was one of the worst picks of the draft, getting starters after the first like smith, okereke, Willis, and Sin and getting rotational pieces like Hines, wilkins, turay, tell the list goes on. He also has hit on his free agency moves for the most part. Probably his largest mistake was not having much veteran leadership on the team mostly on the defensive side of the ball. He even came out recently and said he messed up letting players like al woods and mike Mitchell go and just expecting all the young guys to step up. I think we may all might be caught by surprise this offseason with 1 or 2 atypical signings of older veterans such as jimmy smith/marcell dareus/Logan Ryan/JPP etc.
  2. One option I don’t see happening but it makes sense in our predicament would be trading for Foles. He is basically in an osweiler situation right now and with our cap space we can get him (and back with Reich) and a 2nd or 3rd round pick for a late rounder, cut Hoyer and only take on 10 million extra salary for improved competition to Brissett and more draft capital. We could still hopefully draft a QB early but this would mean he definitely wouldn’t have to play a snap next year
  3. I have read these forums often and one aspect im surprised I never see is a potential Marlon Mack trade. With his injury history and the fact he is going into the last year on his rookie deal it makes it likely next year would be his last with us as I don’t see ballard paying any running back a large amount of money. Add in our depth at the position and that the talent discrepancy is rarely seen because of our o line, it just makes sense to deal Mack for a 2nd or 3rd rounder and either use that to move up for ballards QB or just have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds.
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