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    I’m a life long Colts fan who has become very aware that the team just doesn’t care this season. They don’t play hungry, they don’t play like the division or the season is on the line. I don’t really know why they bother showing up every Sunday. Actually, they DON’T show up on Sundays and it’s painfully obvious. Unfortunately, their season ended in August when Andrew Luck retired, and I states that to all of my friends. Brisset is an average QB at best, and nowhere near a top 10 or Super Bowl contending QB. I’d say “Maybe net year” but I don’t see next year being any different then this year.

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  1. The biggest disappointment is the entire team this entire season. They suck! They lost to the Dolphins! They remind me of the Redskins. They are getting really good at losing...just like the Redskins. They are embarrassing to watch....just like the Redskins! Poor season ticket holding fans. You got hosed just like the Redskins ticket holders! I’d say well maybe next year.......but I said that last year. What an embarrassment!!!!!!!
  2. Yes, considering we are supposed to be better then last year, except in the QB dept (And if you listen to the *ic talking heads on ESPN/NFL Network) Jacoby is a really good solid QB (He’s not) it is a disappointment. But not for the reasons I’m reading. Have you actually watched this team play this year? Really watched them? Their defense isn’t solid - it looks like Swiss cheese. I could drive a manual wheelchair thru it on most plays. And there seems to be NO defense in the middle of the field. None. Burned on down and ins all year. Solid defense? Did you watch them fold like a lawn chair aga
  3. Not sure what Colts team you are watching but we are not in the same category as the Pats, Chiefs and Ravens. The Colts just don’t care and they are playing like it. They actually are reminding me of the Redskins. I stated back in August that their season was over before it started and I stand by my statements.......they don’t deserve even a wildcard spot. But they don’t have to worry about it because they won’t be getting one. Maybe next year they won’t suck.......but I doubt it.
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